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Search the Dynoswim.com swimming workouts database to find specific swim workouts to help you achieve your training goals. Try to narrow down your search of Dynoswim's (approx.) 1900 swim workouts by selecting the specific pool type, workout category, distance, and time. For a general search that will return all swim workouts with the most recent first, just leave all the fields blank then click the "submit" button. Don't forget to give back to the Dynoswim community by submitting your own swim workout as well.

Pool Type: i.e. scy, scm, lcm
Workout Category: pick the category your workout best applies to
Approx. Distance: approximate total distance of workout
Approx. Time: approximate total time of workout (in minutes)
Workout Name: optional field, not required
Workout ID: optional field, not required

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