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January Jam - MS Plunge for Parcells Results by Team Affiliation

Results have been updated as of 08.14.18

NameAgeGenderDistance (yd., mi.)Location
Westport Swim Club [Distance 154,780 yd.,]
Pam Henry Moss56F71,700 yd., 40.7 mi.Connecticut, United States
K Fleming45F50,600 yd., 28.7 mi.Westport, United States
Bill Geoghegan67M32,480 yd., 18.5 mi.Connecticut, United States
Team Mossman Triathlon Club [Distance 0 yd.,]
Shoreline Sharks Multi-Sport Team [Distance 0 yd.,]
Dynoswim Aquatics [Distance 92,800 yd.,]
Laura Burke44F46,400 yd., 26.4 mi.New York, United States
Dean Osterloh47M46,400 yd., 26.4 mi.New York, United States
La Jolla Cove Swim Club [Distance 0 yd.,]
Dolphin Club [Distance 0 yd.,]
Channel Gals [Distance 0 yd.,]
English Channel Force 6 [Distance 0 yd.,]
Mighty Mermaids [Distance 0 yd.,]
Southern Marlins Racing Team [Distance 0 yd.,]
Palmetto Masters [Distance 0 yd.,]
Jersey Gang [Distance 0 yd.,]
New England Masters Swim Club [Distance 0 yd.,]
Tualatin Hills Barracudas [Distance 0 yd.,]
CT HEAT [Distance 0 yd.,]
Team New York Aquatics [Distance 0 yd.,]
Metuchen-Edison (NJ) YMCA Masters [Distance 0 yd.,]
San Diego Swim Masters [Distance 0 yd.,]
CIBBOWS [Distance 0 yd.,]
Shawangunk Masters Swimming Association [Distance 0 yd.,]
Palm Coast Masters' Swimming [Distance 126,966 yd.,]
Glenn Partelow70M91,861 yd., 52.2 mi.Florida, United States
Sheryl Watkins53F35,105 yd., 19.9 mi.Florida, United States
Greenville Splash Masters [Distance 0 yd.,]
Meriden Misfits [Distance 0 yd.,]
GLOW Adventures (Great Lakes Open Water) [Distance 2,236,617 yd.,]
Melodee Nugent50F294,900 yd., 167.6 mi.Wisconsin, United States
Loren King49M168,745 yd., 95.9 mi.Ontario, Canada
Lynn Marshall56F165,136 yd., 93.8 mi.Ontario, Canada
Louise Hyder-Darlington57F138,200 yd., 78.5 mi.Pennsylvania, United States
Paula Miller45F134,000 yd., 76.1 mi.Pennsylvania, United States
Suzanne Heim59F126,901 yd., 72.1 mi.California, United States
Bryan Finlay74M101,125 yd., 57.5 mi.Ontario, Canada
Vivek Madhu14M93,066 yd., 52.9 mi.Ontario, Canada
Marilyn Korzekwa60F90,879 yd., 51.6 mi.Ontario, Canada
Richie Eslawa48M89,102 yd., 50.6 mi.Ontario, Canada
Mars Nienhuis25F88,282 yd., 50.2 mi.Ontario, Canada
Kim Lumsdon60F74,913 yd., 42.6 mi.Ontario, Canada
Konstantin Petoukhov35M62,555 yd., 35.5 mi.Ontario, Canada
Christiane Wilke38F60,039 yd., 34.1 mi.Ontario, Canada
Caroline Lambert59F56,102 yd., 31.9 mi.Alberta, Canada
Derek Woodard25M55,829 yd., 31.7 mi.Ontario, Canada
Reynante Razonable42M44,073 yd., 25.0 mi.Ontario, Canada
Ignacio Castillo46M42,432 yd., 24.1 mi.Ontario, Canada
Mitsy Layton50F41,940 yd., 23.8 mi.Ontario, Canada
Mairi MacGregor54F38,933 yd., 22.1 mi.Ontario, Canada
David Moore46M36,499 yd., 20.7 mi.Ontario, Canada
David Moore46M36,499 yd., 20.7 mi.Ontario, Canada
Madhu Nagaraja 46M32,699 yd., 18.6 mi.Ontario, Canada
Katharine Borczak49F30,293 yd., 17.2 mi.Ontario, Canada
Rachel Bennett34F27,887 yd., 15.8 mi.Quebec, Canada
Gerry Kelly61M24,634 yd., 14.0 mi.Ontario, Canada
Janice Barker42F23,977 yd., 13.6 mi.Ontario, Canada
Cesar Centeno46M20,232 yd., 11.5 mi.Ontario, Canada
Lisa Champion49F19,794 yd., 11.2 mi.Ontario, Canada
Doreen King83F12,522 yd., 7.1 mi.Ontario, Canada
Kamal Barake Centeno14M4,429 yd., 2.5 mi.Barranquilla, Colombia
Lisa Neidrauer45F0 yd., 0.0 mi.Ontario, Canada
COWS - Connecticut Open Water Swimming [Distance 2,579,226 yd.,]
steffan sarkin57M236,075 yd., 134.1 mi.Arkansas, United States
Elizabeth Fry59F215,342 yd., 122.4 mi.Connecticut, United States
Geoff Michaud55M205,550 yd., 116.8 mi.Connecticut, United States
Miad Yazdani35M201,800 yd., 114.7 mi.Connecticut, United States
Marcia Cleveland53F183,200 yd., 104.1 mi.Illinois, United States
Marcella MacDonald54F181,920 yd., 103.4 mi.Connecticut, United States
Peggy Gaskill60F132,000 yd., 75.0 mi.Washington, United States
Amanda Rossolimo41F123,450 yd., 70.1 mi.Connecticut, United States
Laura Petrus60F113,800 yd., 64.7 mi.Connecticut, United States
Greg Pinchbeck50M102,018 yd., 58.0 mi.Connecticut, United States
Michele Koubeck53F88,300 yd., 50.2 mi.Connecticut, United States
Dennis Dressel66M87,661 yd., 49.8 mi.Connecticut, United States
Bethamy Aronow52F86,505 yd., 49.2 mi.Connecticut, United States
Tom Linell54M85,100 yd., 48.4 mi.Connecticut, United States
Scott Lautman65M84,400 yd., 48.0 mi.Washington, United States
James Bayles66M76,530 yd., 43.5 mi.Connecticut, United States
John Gosman56M61,624 yd., 35.0 mi.New York, United States
john wilbur72M50,630 yd., 28.8 mi.Florida, United States
Dan Robinson60M47,400 yd., 26.9 mi.Washington, United States
Cathleen Paquette59F45,100 yd., 25.6 mi.Connecticut, United States
Thomas Gallagher40M43,100 yd., 24.5 mi.Connecticut, United States
john waanders57M30,550 yd., 17.4 mi.Connecticut, United States
Andy Davis55M26,087 yd., 14.8 mi.Connecticut, United States
Hugh Darlington61M26,000 yd., 14.8 mi.Pennsylvania, United States
Elizabeth Mills58F20,000 yd., 11.4 mi.Connecticut, United States
Nancy Blair61F16,234 yd., 9.2 mi.California, United States
Martin McMahon55M8,850 yd., 5.0 mi.Connecticut, United States
Debbie Masso52F0 yd., 0.0 mi.Connecticut, United States

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