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Swim Workout Name: Hard Tri workout
Author: Ashlynn Gordon
Date Created: April 09, 2006
Distance/Pool Type: 4900 scy
Swim Workout Category: distance
Swim Workout Time: 1:22:30

Reps Distance Interval Stroke Type Comment Totals
140008:00choicewarm-up/downnice and easy warm up400 / 08:00
250007:30freestyleswimTwo 500's
1st one is easy about 85%
take 50 sec. rest and then do a second 500 faster
1000 / 15:00
1100016:30freestyleswim2X400's 40 sec. rest between each
then 1X200
you can pull one 400 if you want
1000 / 16:30
1100017:30freestyleswim2X300 with 30 sec rest between them then
2 X 200 with 30 sec rest
these are faster
you can pull one 300 and one 200 if you want
1000 / 17:30
1100017:30freestyleswim3X200's with 20 sec. rest between them then 4X100's fast with 10 sec. rest between them
you can pull two 200's if you want
1000 / 17:30
150008:00choicewarm-up/downnice and easy cool down500 / 08:00

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