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Share Your Favorite Swimming Experience with Dynoswim

Swimming is a large part of your life. It's a large part of our lives too. Have you ever noticed how much you have in common with your fellow peer swimmers? Ever been to a party or meet a random somebody only to find out that that person is also a swimmer, just like you. You immediately share a bond and you probably swap a few stories about each other's swimming histories and backgrounds. Sometimes it becomes a night of swim talk. "Hey, did you know that so and so is a swimmer too?" "Gee, I remember when we..." And there it goes on and on, all those great stories about swim meets, swim parties, strange experiences so on and so forth.

How about you? Think for a moment about all those wonderful swimming experiences that you like to share. Stories for example about your Winter training trips. The ones about training too hard or even slacking off. Remember some of those noteworthy practices? How about the away meet hotel that resembled a college dorm? I've heard of some teams that trained in Ft. Lauderdale and snuck out every night! Yes, I've got a story or two, and you do too. Like remember the crazy kid you swam with and that nutty coach? What about those (in)famous swim parents?

But don't forget about those great accomplishments, disappointing failures, and embarrassing moments. These are some of the things that helped shape who you are today. Those swimming experiences played a pretty significant role in your life and we deserve to know the who's, how's, what's, and when's of it all. Tell us about them.

We want to know!

Swimmers are usually exuberant about sharing their experiences. They tell stories and show pictures, and tell more stories and show more pictures. Sometimes, believe it or not, friends and relatives can even grow tired of hearing about your grand adventures. At Dynoswim, we'll never grow tired of your stories. We love to hear about your adventures! In fact, we encourage it. We are always looking for photos and stories from the Dynoswim community that we can share. Ideally, in addition to a good story (short or long) we would like captions with photos that identify the subject matter. You can email your stories and photos to this e-mail address: feedback@dynoswim.com. So please, share your favorite swimming experience with Dynoswim. We want to hear from you, and we know you're just itching to tell us!

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