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The Legacy of Dave Parcells Lives On With The January Jam


Honoring the spirit and legacy of International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honour Swimmer Dave Parcells, the 2012 January Jam begins on January 1st and continues through January 31st.

Read on at Open Water Swimming

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WOWSA Nomination, Liz Frey

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Happy Holidays -- 4 days left to vote for World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year!

**A Note from Liz Frey**


I have been nominated for 2011 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year! The World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA) awards are sponsored by Open Water Source and they are nominating me in recognition for my two double crossings in 2011 as well as my work with Swim Across the Sound and other open water swimming feats, including a 25-mile crossing from Vermont, U.S.A. to Québec, Canada.

Please visit www.openwaterswimming.com for more information and to cast your vote! -- or, for a quick link to online voting: VOTE HERE.

Voting takes place from now through December 31, and winners will be announced on January 1. There are amazing nominees so if you have time please read about their accomplishments. Please note that you do not need to cast a vote in each of the three categories.

Below is a recent link from UCONN today http://today.uconn.edu/blog/2011/12/there%E2%80%99s-no-stopping-long-distance-swimmer-elizabeth-fry/

Below is a press release about the award nomination.. Thank you for your support, and please feel free to forward this to anyone else who would like to vote. Westport's Elizabeth Fry Nominated for 2011 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year

WESTPORT, Conn., November 15, 2011 -- Westport resident and record-shattering open water swimmer Elizabeth Fry has been nominated for the 2011 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year.

The nomination recognizes Fry, 52, for her dynamic spirit in helping others realize their open water dreams while she realizes her own potential in some of the most difficult swims in the world, according to the sponsor of the World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA) awards, Open Water Source. In particular, the nomination recognizes Fry for the two double crossings she swam in 2011.

Last June, she set the double crossing record and became the only person to complete the unprecedented 35-mile Ederle Swim, swimming from Manhattan Island to New Jersey, and back. Her time of 11 hours, 5 minutes set the standard for both men and women, young and old. She then became the oldest person to complete the 42-mile double crossing of the English Channel in 24 hours, 39 minutes, with her return journey faster than the outgoing swim from England to France. This was her third attempt to complete the two-way crossing of the iconic Channel, having previously accomplished five successful one-way crossings. She wrapped up her 2011 season with a 13 hour, 25 minute, 25-mile crossing from Vermont, U.S.A. to Québec, Canada.

In addition, Fry has served as the long-standing director of the 25K Swim Across the Sound, one of the nation's largest open water swimming events, which has raised millions of dollars for the St. Vincent's Medical Center Foundation.

Fry trains in Westport with the Westport, Connecticut Masters team. She began her swimming career in Long Beach, New York and attended Camp Akomak, a swim camp in Canada. As a teen in Westport, she swam for the Westport/Weston YMCA Water Rats and Staples High School swim teams. Fry attended college at the University of Connecticut, where she was awarded the John Squires Award for the most improved swimmer as a freshman while earning a degree in Chemistry, and earned graduate degrees at Fordham University.

About the WOWSA Award

According to Open Water Source, the WOWSA award is meant to honor not necessarily the best athlete, but the individual who best embodies the spirit of open water swimming; possesses the sense of adventure, tenacity and perseverance for which open water swimmers are known; and has most positively influenced the world of open water swimming in 2011. This year's award nominees include twelve women from nine countries. Awards also are given for Man of the Year and Performance of the Year.

Voting takes place online at www.openwaterswimming.com from November 1 to December 31. The winner will be announced and honored on January 1 at the Global Open Water Swimming Conference.

For more information on Elizabeth Fry, visit here.

To cast your vote, visit VOTE HERE.

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From Walden Pond to the Olympics, Swimmer Thrives in Open Water

~New York Times, Karen Crouse


CONCORD, Mass. -- Wading into Walden Pond, Alex Meyer did not exactly find an idyllic sanctuary, a spot where one's solitude is broken only by birdsong. Meyer was waist-deep in the 65-degree water and about to shove off on a two-hour training swim when a pot-bellied man in a pair of stretched-out trunks plodded in after him and challenged him to a sprint.

Read on at The New York Times

Article referred to us by Kate Scully, thanks!

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Hammerhead Ocean Marathon

Dyno Hammerhead 2011 003.jpg

~Note from Susan Wallis:

Hello Swimmers!

Thanks so much for participating in the 6th HammerHead Ocean Marathon! Congrats to all finishers, and to our overall winners!

Melissa Steele won the 2.5 mile swim for the 5th time. Blake Ehlers won the 2.5 mile for the second time in a row. John White (3rd overall) and Sheryl Watkins (masters winner in 2006 and 2009) were the overall masters winners.

For the 1.25 mile race, Wil Friedman defended his title as did Kristen Ghandor. The masters winners were Tim Adams and Sarah Pamula.

The results are finally up, on the 1st Place Sports website. Here is the link. http://1stplacesports.com/swim11res.html

HOWEVER, they did not pull out the overall winners and masters winners from the age groups, so you would have to manually do that when you look at the results (I have emailed them to ask that they fix it, but I know some of you wanted to see the results now!).

You can also check out jacksonville.com for photos (for a price, you can order some of you!) http://photos.jacksonville.com/mycapture/category.asp?eventID=1302206&Catego ryID=10410

I have lots of tshirts left over, and will sell them for $5 each! Not many of the smaller sizes, but lots of larges and xlarges in both white and yellow. Let me know if you want to buy some!

Next year's race will be on Saturday, AUGUST 11, 2012. Save the date!

If you would like to send any comments on how we can make things better for you (other than painting a black line on the ocean floor or something like that), please do! We did have one extra bus this year to relieve some of the overflow on the transportation. I also paid extra to have the bathrooms open at 6am (they better have had lots of toilet paper, been really clean, and had mints on the counters!), so I hope that helped. We also had a few extra buoys out along the course. And we measured the 2.5 mile course better, so that it was not long like last year!

The HammerHeads will still hold the open water swims on Sundays at the Jax Beach Lifeguard Station at 9am, for those who are preparing for a fall triathlon, or for those who just want more time in the water. (However, on August 28, we will be in Camp Blanding for our HammerHead Olympic Triathlon, so no swim that Sunday!!)

Thanks again for participating and we hope to see you again next year!

Susan Wallis, President, HammerHead Tri Club

Race Director, HammerHead Ocean Marathon

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Disabled swim star who wouldn't give up Olympic dream

22 May 11 @ 1:54 PM  | 0 comments  |  Elite Level Competition | Open Water Swimming | Swimmer Profiles category

Cruce Occidental Papagayo 2011

We are pleased to invite you to the eight edition of the Occidental Crossing and the fourth relay Occidental Crossing at the beautiful Gulf of Papagayo Costa Rica.

Dates: May 21st and 22nd 2011

Click here to see details

27 Mar 11 @ 7:21 PM  | 0 comments  |  Meets, Open Water, and Other Events | Open Water Swimming category

Open Water Season Closing In...

Can you name this particular open water venue? I bet you can't!

Photo 031211.JPG

12 Mar 11 @ 12:44 PM  | 6 comments  |  Fun Facts | Open Water Swimming category

Reflecting on the Loss of Fran Crippen

~By Gary Hall Sr., The Race Club

Last week, the world lost one of its finest distance and open water swimmers, Fran Crippen. His body was apparently discovered submerged just 400 meters or so from the finish line, hours after the completion of the FINA open water race near Dubai.

The water was allegedly very warm for competition, with temperatures reported at 84 degrees Fahrenheit or higher by others. The air temperature was allegedly near 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Several athletes ended up in the hospital after the race from dehydration or heat exhaustion. I don't know too many other details about the race other than it was a circuit course of around 2 miles and that there were some race supervisors on jetskis, but exactly how many, I do not know.

When I first learned of Fran's death, my first thought was 'this should not have happened'. Open water swimming has its inherent risks. One of the mystiques and intrigues about this fast growing sport is that one has to deal with a wide range of conditions; warm water, cold water, wind, waves, current, poor visibility, jelly fish, sharks, seaweed...just to name a few. Somehow, I cannot bring myself to believe that when considering this particular race, involving young talented swimmers among the most physically fit on the planet, that death by drowning should be one of the risks.


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U.S. Swimmer Found Dead

Click for Related Story:

U.S. swimmer dies during event in United Arab Emirates

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32 years later, Diana Nyad to try Cuba-Florida Keys swim again

~By Michelle Kaufman

The plan was a world-record 103-mile swim in roughly 60 hours. Mother Nature got in the way. But Nyad, a successful marathon swimmer, wants to keep going. She calls it her "personal Olympics," says nothing but a hurricane could stop her. She finally concedes and aborts her dream. Her heart sinks as her friends lift her into the boat and applaud. Thirty-two years later, Nyad, who recently turned 61, will attempt to conquer the swim that defeated her.

Read on at the Miami Herald

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HammerHead Ocean Marathon 1.25 or 2.5 Mile Swim

2010 Race Information

5th Annual Swim

When: Saturday August 7, 2010

Time: 8:00 am

Where: Jacksonville Beach Lifeguard Station (registration and finish line)

Learn More by Clicking Here

12 Jul 10 @ 2:36 PM  | 0 comments  |  Meets, Open Water, and Other Events | Open Water Swimming category

2010 SWIM Across the Sound - August 7, 2010 (Connecticut, USA)

The 23rd Annual St. Vincent's SWIM Across the Sound Marathon is open for online registration for solo swimmers, two-person relays and team relays. Scheduled for Saturday, August 7, 2010, the SWIM Marathon course is a 25 kilometer (15.5 miles) swim across the Long Island Sound. Swimmers start at West Beach in Port Jefferson, NY and finish at Captain's Cove Seaport in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

To find out more about the SWIM Across the Sound or to access an application, please go to our website at www.swimacrossthesound.org and select the "23rd Annual SWIM Marathon" from the event list on the homepage.

A fundraiser event that started in 1987, the St. Vincent's SWIM Across the Sound Marathon has raised millions of dollars over the years - $350,000 in 2009 alone. Each team relay is required to raise a minimum of $7,500, two-person relays must raise a minimum of $3,500 and solo swimmers a minimum of $1,500. All the funds raised benefit the SWIM's 36 cancer services, which provide financial support and care to patients and their families for the needs that health insurance companies do not cover in addition to support groups, education, prevention and wellness programs in the community.


17 Mar 10 @ 3:35 AM  | 0 comments  |  Meets, Open Water, and Other Events | Open Water Swimming category

USMS Statement on Swimsuits


Due to the change in Masters swimwear rules published by FINA January 16, 2010, and pursuant to Article 601.4.8, the USMS Rules Committee and the USMS Executive Committee have approved the following emergency changes to the USMS swimwear rules. These changes are effective immediately for short course meters and long course meters competition. The changes are effective June 1, 2010 for short course yards competition. Note that the new swimwear rules no longer allow modesty/privacy wear underneath the competition suit nor zippers or fasteners of any kind except for a waist tie on a brief or jammer. The new swimwear rules will not govern the One Hour Swim being conducted January 2010.

Changes to the swimwear rules are underlined below.


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Finding Nemo chant helps woman break record in Manhattan swim

~By Erica Pearson, Daily News Staff Writer


A middle-aged Connecticut woman who completed a record-breaking swim around Manhattan revealed her inspiration Friday. Michael Phelps? No. Dara Torres? Wrong again. Try Dory, the singing fish from "Finding Nemo." "You just keep swimming," said a triumphant Elizabeth Fry - echoing Dory's peppy mantra. The 50-year-old crawl-stroked through the night to become the first woman to circumnavigate the island against the current - and in record time.

Read on at the Daily News

Way to go, Liz!

30 Sep 09 @ 1:46 AM  | 0 comments  |  Open Water Swimming category

Open Water Relay Breaks Guinness World Record

CAMLOUGH, Ireland. A team of swimmers from the Newry Triathlon Club in Ireland set the Guinness World Record for Longest Continuous Open Water Relay Swim with a 10-day performance according to 10KSwimmer.com.

Read on at Swimming World Magazine

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Hammerhead Ocean Marathon 2009

Hammerhead 2009.jpg

Dynoswimmers Glenn Partelow, Kate Sussman, and Sheryl Watkins swam in the 2009 Hammerhead Marathon Ocean swim in Jacksonville Beach, FL on August 1, 2009. Over 200 swimmers ranging in age from 13 to 69 participated in the race, with 89 swimming the 1.25 mile race and 113 swimming the 2.5 mile race. Kate swam the 1.25 mile and Glenn and Sheryl swam the 2.5 mile swim. Kate won her age group (50-55) by a whopping 5 minutes and was 18th overall (time of 33 minutes). Glenn won his age group by 12 minutes and was 19th overall (time of 1 hour 4 minutes). Sheryl won overall master female swimmer and was 27th overall (time of 1 hour 8 minutes). Johnny Delahoz told jokes to ease the race jitters, took pictures and video, and cheered us all on - Thanks so much for your support Johnny!

The ocean was the perfect temperature (about 78 or 79 F), and except for the usual clawing at the beginning and tightness that accompanies any ocean race (and Sheryl swimming past the pier) we all had a great race! The smoothies (provided by Smoothie King) were a nice touch at the finish too.

Final results

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Thanks Dynoswim!

magnetic island swim 2009.jpg

Hi Dynoswim,

I just wanted to write a short note to say thank you.

I am writing from Australia and have been using your site for a couple of months to find and log swim workouts. It is winter here, and most pools around where I live in a town about midway between Sydney and Brisbane are closed, and most (adult) squads are on their winter hiatus.

So it was your site for workouts in preparation for the swim I completed at the weekend.

And as I said, thank you, because I completed the 8 kilometre Townsville/Magnetic Island swim in 2hrs 25 minutes. (Have a look at their site - http://www.magneticislandswim.com.au)

Apart from the distance, the swim has some additional 'challenges'. As well as the risk of sharks and crocodiles (2008 was the first year the swim was done without cages), there is also a risk of Irukandji Jellyfish - a tiny little critter that can kill a adult pretty quickly but it was not their season and the organisers assured that they were unlikely to worry the swimmers.

D Hancock.jpg

But alas finished with all limbs intact in a time a bit slower than I hoped (but put that down to a fair bit of chop for a couple of kilometres). I am just a middle of the pack 40 year + swimmer and was very pleased just to make the distance.

Your site has been fantastic and I have recommended it to a couple of friends who train through the winter and just thought you might like the positive feedback.


Dean Hancock, Coffs Harbour, Australia


20 Jul 09 @ 8:48 AM  | 1 comments  |  Open Water Swimming | Swimmer Profiles | Website category

700 Swimmers, one shark

16 Mar 09 @ 7:05 PM  | 0 comments  |  Open Water Swimming category

Human Polar Bear

24 Feb 09 @ 7:04 PM  | 0 comments  |  Open Water Swimming category

Ocean's 2,100: Swimmer plans odyssey in the Atlantic

Jennifer Figge, mother of LeMans series race-car driver Alex Figge, plans to swim 2,100 miles from the coast of Africa to Barbados.

~By Michelle Kaufman

Your 56-year-old mother tells you she plans to swim 2,100 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, from the Cape Verde Islands off the African coast to Barbados. She will swim behind a sailboat, in a giant cage to ward off sharks. She figures she'll be in the water six to eight hours a day, which means it will take her just over two months to fulfill her mission.

Read on at the Miami Herald

24 Oct 08 @ 4:38 AM  | 0 comments  |  Open Water Swimming category

Weekend Training

Team-Building-1.gifWe had a great weekend of training beginning on Saturday morning with a practice geared toward our Liechtenstein 24 Hour relay.

Later we all took part in a team-building exercise which lasted most of the day. Then on Sunday, we capped our weekend off with an open-water swim in Southport, Connecticut. I guess you could say it was the perfect weekend.

(I have to say, I really love these photos...)

Photos include Mabel Prada (top only) Laura Burke, Dan Cerasale (top only), Jake Gulick, Sharon Kriz (bottom only), Billy Geoghegan and Dean Osterloh.

Southport-090708.gif Also a special thanks to Suzanne Simmonds for taking some great photos of us in the Long Island Sound and sending them to us, thanks!

9 Sep 08 @ 2:24 AM  | 1 comments  |  Featured Workouts | Meets, Open Water, and Other Events | Open Water Swimming category

One-legged swimmer takes to Olympic waters

Note: I'm a huge fan of Natalie du Toit.

BEIJING, China (AP) -- Natalie du Toit looked like any other athlete when she walked into the Bird's Nest, carrying the South African flag at the opening ceremonies.

Read on at CNN.com

20 Aug 08 @ 1:23 AM  | 0 comments  |  Elite Level Competition | Open Water Swimming category

Tobeys Channel Swim!


Our friend Tobey Saracino will attempt her very first crossing of the English Channel. Aside from being a test of will, endurance, and fitness, swimming the Channel is also a battle against hypothermia since the average temperature this time of year is only around 58-62 degrees fahrenheit. Wish Tobey luck and follow her quest to conquer the Channel!

Hey Dean,

I put together a blog and thought I would send you the link.

Read Tobey's Blog.

I hope all is well. We leave this Saturday. Very excited! Can't wait to get over there.

Take it easy,



10 Aug 08 @ 8:26 PM  | 0 comments  |  Open Water Swimming category

Swim Across the Sound - Race Report

Jean Claude and the Vandammits.jpg

"Jean-Claude and the Vandammits" - our relay team - was represented by Kim Russo, Billy Geoghegan (support), Laura Burke, Dean Osterloh, Dan Cerasale, Kristen Adams, and John O'Fallon (Team Captain)

So, what can I say? We were one-third to one-half of the way through our race when it was called due to a severe storm and lightning. Even before the storm, swimmers were dropping out (none from our team of course) due to an abundant amount of jelly fish and the stings that go with that. Truth is, I'm quite disappointed but am committed to doing this race again next year. The only question that remains is if I'll do it solo or as part of a relay. Ask in six months and I should have the answer.


4 Aug 08 @ 5:18 AM  | 0 comments  |  Open Water Swimming category

Swim Across the Sound

Dear Dynoswimmers,

This year, I'll be participating in the Swim Across the Sound as part of a relay team to raise funds for St. Vincents Foundation. Our goal as a relay is to raise over $20,000! I am personally trying to raise $2,500 by July 15 and then I hope to make a final push to get our relay to that $20,000 level.

I do hope that you'll find our mission to swim from Port Jefferson on Long Island to Bridgeport, CT on August 2, 2008 a worthy effort to bring attention to this important cause. Below you'll find a link to my personal webpage dedicated to tracking my progress.

Please donate; and please know how much it's needed and appreciated.

Click the link:

Dean's Swim Across the Sound Home Page


Dean Osterloh

11 Jul 08 @ 6:59 AM  | 0 comments  |  Meets, Open Water, and Other Events | Open Water Swimming category

Escape from Alcatraz

John Schwarten, a member of the Westport Swim Club swam the swim leg of the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon held last week. One caveat is that the bike and running legs were completed by his kids - a great family event! Read what John has to say:

~By John Schwarten

What a great event! Not being able to run (torn ACL) was of course a disappointment, but the swim was a blast. The race started with some waves and a strong tide that more than compensated for them. With over 1500 people on the boat, getting everyone off in less than 8 minutes made it look like lemmings (see youtube video). The anticipation and crowded conditions put adrenaline levels absolutely off the charts. This is the coolest race I have ever done. I cant wait until next year to do the whole thing.

13 Jun 08 @ 2:18 AM  | 0 comments  |  Open Water Swimming | Triathlon category

Don't Bother With the Hotel Pool

~By Bonnie Tsui

WHAT I remember most about a nighttime tour I took of Alcatraz a couple of years ago was the fact that -- given the nearness of the island prison to downtown San Francisco, just a mile and a half offshore -- inmates were often haunted by the sounds of life across the water. When city residents held New Year's Eve parties and their reveling carried across the cold, current-roiled bay, the two shores seemed maddeningly close to the prisoners.

Read on at the New York Times

28 May 08 @ 6:56 AM  | 0 comments  |  Open Water Swimming category

Du Toit, who lost leg in scooter accident, will swim in Beijing Games

Talk about perseverance and determination, Natalie's an inspiration on a variety of levels, not only for overcoming the obstacles in her life, but also by overcoming the prejudices and insensitivities typically shown Paralympic athletes. I absolutely love the fact that she'll be swimming in the able-bodied field.

For those of you that don't already know, some paralympians have been denied the opportunity to compete in the traditional venues (able-bodied) despite being among the best in the world.

Go Natalie!

Read about Natalie Du Toit's latest success


9 May 08 @ 5:44 AM  | 0 comments  |  Elite Level Competition | Open Water Swimming category

Not sure I'd recommend trying this...

http://view.break.com/496123 - Watch more free videos

I don't usually like to scare the Dynoswim community with videos such as these. Afterall, we all know who lives in the ocean. But does anyone have an opinion on this one? I'm torn. On the one hand, I kind of admire this guy, on the other hand I'm wondering, what was he thinking?

5 May 08 @ 7:07 AM  | 0 comments  |  Open Water Swimming category

Ocean Swim - Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008

Binge 2007.jpg

We'll be at Highbridge and A1A. The exact time TBD by the end of Saturday's practice. If you intend to swim you need to speak to Coach O. via cellphone or in person at Friday or Saturday's swim practice at Frieda Zamba.

19 Mar 08 @ 7:56 AM  | 0 comments  |  Open Water Swimming | Practice category

Swimming Tips: Open Water Swimming

~By John Walker

In my many years in this sport, I have never seen any reasonably complete article in the magazines dealing with open water swimming (they seem to rehash the same basic stuff every few years). A lot of them talk about how to draft, or tell you to look up every few strokes to stay on course, but very few seem to deal with the subject in much detail.

So last summer, I started to gather my thoughts and experiences on the subject. I finally got back to it just now. Rather than deal just with racing in open water, I have tried to deal with both swimming for fun and racing.

Read on at Hulaman.com

11 Mar 08 @ 2:52 AM  | 0 comments  |  Open Water Swimming category

FINA Open Water Swimming Manual

Take a look at the FINA Open Water Swimming Manual, a valuable tool for all those interested in organizing and promoting this spectacular discipline across the five continents. On October 27, 2005 in Lausanne, the International Olympic Committee Executive Board decided to include the 10km event for men and women in open water swimming in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games competition program. From now on, all five FINA disciplines – swimming, diving, water polo, synchronised swimming and open water swimming – will be represented at the Olympic Games.

Read the FINA 2006 Open Water Swimming Manual

And while we're on the subject, don't forget to register for Dynoswim's 2008 Binge Swim (open-water) Training Bender.

4 Mar 08 @ 4:38 AM  | 0 comments  |  Open Water Swimming category

2008 Binge Swim Training Bender; May 23-June 1, 2008

(Open-water preparation for beginners, intermediate, and advanced swimmers)

Welcome to this year’s Binge Swim Training Bender and we’re happy that you’re considering joining us for ten days of swimming, sun, sand, chlorine, and a few good nights out and about in our little beach community. Please notice that the binge training mostly takes place on the weekend of May 23rd (three days due to Memorial Day) and the following weekend ending on June 1st. There will be two days off (Tuesday, May 27, and Thursday, May 29) and only one practice session on Wednesday and Friday of the same week. We understand that for our local participants and out-of-town visitors that the majority of our training is best completed on the weekends. This will free up time for those of you interested in visiting the local attractions or to attend to commitments away from the pool.

The overall purpose of this swim cycle is fourfold:

  1. Prepare participants for the 2008 open-water season.
  2. Encourage our tri-athletes to take part.
  3. Enable our less experienced swimmers to swim open-water with confidence.
  4. Support one another to achieve our training goals.


15 Feb 08 @ 6:16 AM  | 4 comments  |  Meets, Open Water, and Other Events | Open Water Swimming category

Monte Monfore swims to end child hunger!

World record holder ocean swimmer Monte Monfore set a new record swimming across the Bali straits as part of Walk the World on May 21, 2006.


14 Nov 07 @ 6:00 PM  | 0 comments  |  Open Water Swimming category

Atlantic too Polluted to Swim; All Ocean Swims Cancelled Indefinitely

Imagine what would happen if we could no longer do open-water training because the ocean water wasn't safe enough for swimming. Have you ever seen the impact of the Dead Zone and wonder, "How the heck did it get to be so bad?"

Stop. Think about it for a moment. Imagine what it would be like if all of our open-water training seized to exist - if it became a memory, part of the "Good Old days".

Read about ocean pollution

Learn more about the Dead Zone.

Does anyone out there in Dynoswim land care?

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

16 Oct 07 @ 3:53 AM  | 2 comments  |  Open Water Swimming category

Did your coach ever make you swim as far as you could under water?

Did anyone ever pass out? Then tell us about it. In the meantime read this article from some time back. It's an old article but an interesting one...

Navy Seal Drowns in Shallow End of Honolulu Municipal Swimming Pool

On March 26, 1998, a Navy Seal who was training for the U.S. Free Diving Team, approached the two Lifeguards on duty at a municipal swimming pool and explained he was training to hold his breath for a prolonged period of time while underwater in order to gain a spot on the U.S. Free Diving Team. The Lifeguards gave the individual permission to practice in the shallow end of the pool. This individual then went to the shallow end, directly in front of the Lifeguard stand, went through a series of breathing and swimming exercises, then hyperventilated and attempted to hold his breath, while still located in the shallow end directly in front of the Lifeguard stand. In order to assist him in staying underwater, he draped a weight belt across his hips.

Read on at Lifesaving.com

12 Oct 07 @ 5:26 PM  | 0 comments  |  Open Water Swimming category

Girl swims with bound hands, feet

BEIJING, China (AP) -- A father tied his 10-year-old daughter's hands and feet and watched her swim in a chilly southern China river for three hours in a task he said Thursday would help the girl achieve her dream of swimming across the English Channel.

Read on at cnn.com


4 Oct 07 @ 6:09 AM  | 0 comments  |  Open Water Swimming category

Record Swim

...for Victims of September 11.

Swimmer Skip Storch describes breaking the speed record for swimming three laps around Manhattan.

Watch the video at cnn.com.

3 Sep 07 @ 11:00 AM  | 1 comments  |  Open Water Swimming category

Champion Swimmer To Swim Around Manhattan

Hopes To Raise Money For Cancer Patients

(AP) NEW YORK After more than 22 consecutive hours of swimming around Manhattan, Marcos Diaz finally came ashore on Sunday.

The Dominican world record holder had a goal for his marathon overnight swim: to raise money for poor Dominican children with cancer and start a program for youngsters with asthma.

Diaz, 32, battled asthma as a child by swimming in the Caribbean waters, which turned him into an athlete.

"I started to swim when I was 6 to improve my lungs and my breathing," Diaz said before plunging into the Hudson River on Saturday evening.

Read on at WCBStv.com

19 Aug 07 @ 8:28 PM  | 0 comments  |  Open Water Swimming category

Swimmer Takes Plunge at North Pole

TORONTO (July 16) - A British swimmer who says he wants to wake up politicians around the world to the threat of climate change has successfully completed a kilometer-long swim in the waters of the North Pole.

Read On

Read more at the Daily Mail

17 Jul 07 @ 10:33 PM  | 0 comments  |  Open Water Swimming category

Just Beneath the Surface

~By Akiko Busch

Published: July 8, 2007

In graphic design, the word “river” refers to the white space between words that sometimes connects in a rippling vertical pattern down the printed page. Such a river is to be avoided because it can interrupt the flow of text in an irregular pattern and distract the reader’s eye from the horizontal progression of the printed words. But just as it may be a distraction, that space between words also confirms their meaning. If a river can both separate and connect on the printed page, it is capable of doing this all the more in the natural world.

My preoccupation with swimming across rivers started in 2001. A close friend had died, my own half-century mark was approaching and my 12-year-old twin sons were in an adolescent landscape furnished with clothes, language and activities all incomprehensible to me. There was little I could do about any of these things. But for that reason, it occurred to me to find a divide that could be crossed. And more and more I came to imagine that swimming across a river might be a way to do this. Now, six years and nine rivers later, swimming across rivers has drifted toward another purpose. It seems clear now, in that way that the unexpected can sometimes take hold of intent, thwarting and subverting it, that following the path of the river is as important as crossing it. A river can connect every bit as effectively as it divides.

Read on at the New York Times

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Does Binge Swimming Work?

Dynoswimmers, Dean Osterloh and Judi Rich begin their morning ocean practice.
Dynoswimmers, Dean Osterloh and Judi Rich begin their morning ocean practice.

~By Judi Rich, Dynoswimmer

Last year I remember Dean talking about doing a “binge swim”. He had asked if it would be something I’d be interested in. I had never heard of a binge swim before and was very interested in learning more. He explained that it would be hard swimming 2-3x a day for a week straight. He said that while you were doing it, you’d probably ask yourself, “What have I gotten myself into? Why am I doing this? I must be totally crazy!” I remember thinking, "Am I ready for this?" (I had just recently returned to competitive swimming after 17 years away from the sport.

Dean further explained that binge swimming would make you totally exhausted and it would break you down. The theory is that over time, binge training, coupled with a consistent training regimen could help you to become a much stronger, faster swimmer. I thought to myself, I must be nuts but yes; I was open to try anything that would make me faster.


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The Fetch: A Swimmers Guide to Open Water and Pounding Surf

~By Scott Bay

…And the sea will grant each man new hope…

img_1473%20%282%29.jpgI spend probably more time at the beach than most of my fellow team mates and I love the open water swims the best. Swimming in the surf especially when it is big is a skill all by itself.

Binge Swimming provided the Dynoswim Team with an advanced tutorial in this particular aspect of open water swimming. The Fetch is calculated by multiplying wind velocity by time by distance. It determines how big it will get out in the impact zone (where the waves break). Since we have multiple sand bars in this part of the world you can get two maybe three impact zones and in between is what is referred to as inside (where the wave breaks then closes out and then reforms and breaks again).


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Binge Swim Training Bender: Part 1

Two Dynoswimmers, Sean Bean and Emily Nohner battle the elements.

~By Emily Nohner

How to Describe the Ocean Swims?

Saturday was my first time swimming in the ocean. I mean, I have cooled off in the ocean waves after tanning on the beach, but I have never thought to myself, "Man, I really want to go swim in those 10 foot waves." But, with the help of the team I realized that this sort of challenge was exactly what I needed in order to complete the 9-mile swim in Minnesota. Sure, the lake won't have salt-water or gigantic waves, but it will try everything I've got - the lake won't pity our swim team. I broke the experience down into what I took away as the five main lessons I learned as a beginner to open-water swimming.

Lesson 1: The ocean has an intensity that is ferocious, relentless, and deceiving. Strangely, this weekend was choppier than the typical conditions for Flagler Beach (Atlantic Ocean, right north of Daytona Beach). There were red flags up and down the way as the lifeguards are required to do, cautioning rough conditions and prohibiting beach swims. But that's not where we swim, Dynoswimmers have this great spot south from Flagler Beach, past all the ocean development. One side of the road is preservation brush, and the other is nothing but ocean.

We arrived for the first swim Saturday morning and I could tell that everyone was being cautious about these waves. Me, being a first timer, had nothing to compare the waves to - so I figured if they feel comfortable going in, then I will follow. The first 10 minutes were spent getting sunscreen on, drinking last gulps of Gatorade, and saying hellos. The friendships on the team are easy to pick up on; everyone hugged as if they hadn't seen each other in ages (when they swim together 4-5 times a week and often compete in triathlons and swim meets in their spare time)! But Judi told me, that when Coach Dean says, "Let's go!" then it is game time, and there is no talking, swim caps on, goggles tightened, onward to the sea!


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It's Only a Matter of Time


Thinking about open- water swimming, marathon swimming and some of the incredible accomplishments of recent years, I wonder what the future in ultimate open-water swimming will be. Still today, swimming the English Channel is an incredible feat, but every year more and more swimmers do it. Some even complete double crossings and attempted triples. I recently forgot that back in 1998 Benoit Lecomte swam across the Atlantic. So the question stands, what's the ultimate open-water swim?

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The Tenth Annual 24 Mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim

Dynoswim competed for the first time in the 10th Annual Tampa Bay Marathon Swim. Congratulations to Dave, Dakin, Scott, Sheryl, Amy, and Diane (who would have been there had it not been for, well you know...)

The results can be found here:


On a much more somber and important note, Dynoswim would like to extend condolences to the family of Dave Parcells. The news of the death of Dave Parcell's during the Tampa Bay Swim has been an incredible shock and loss to the swimming community. The following was a touching letter sent out to Conn Masters by Paul Epstein:


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Distance Dave (Cameron's) Swim Blog

Distance Dave is preparing for a double crossing of the English Channel. Check out the purpose for the swim and the steps he's taking to get there! Good luck, Dave!


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Slovenian Man Ends 65-day Swim Down Amazon River

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AP) -- After 3,272 miles of exhaustion, sunburn, delirium and piranhas, a 52-year-old Slovenian successfully completed a swim down the Amazon River Saturday that could set a world record for distance -- something he's already done three times before.

Read On at Sports Illustrated

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The Amazon Swim

On Feb 1st 2007 Martin Strel started swimming all the way from Atalaya (Peru) to the Atlantic Ocean at Belém (Brazil). He is planning to complete the 3,375 mile (5,430 km) ultimate challenge in 70 days.

Check Martin Strel's progress at:

Trip Tracker

17 Feb 07 @ 12:39 PM  | 1 comments  |  Open Water Swimming category

The Amazon Swim - 3,375 miles in 70 days (Feb 1 - Apr 11, 2007)

Martin Strel, a legendary Guinness record marathon swimmer, has always been looking for the challenges of impossible and the Amazon is going to be the next one. On Feb 1st 2007 Martin Strel is going to start swimming all the way from Atalaya (Peru) to the Atlantic Ocean at Belém (Brazil). He is planning to reach 3,375 mile (5,430 kms) long ultimate challenge in 70 days.


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Buckets of Blood Readied for Amazon Swim

~By Andrei Khalip

LIMA (Reuters) - Few would even dare swim the Amazon river bank to bank but Slovenian Martin Strel plans to swim 3,375 miles down the world's greatest river, defying piranhas, snakes, crocodiles and even sharks.

Yahoo News

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Winter Swimming in the Outdoors – Are You Joking?!

(Note: Palm Coast Dynoswimmers: no excuses this weekend...)

One of the most exotic activities you can experience in Finland is definitely winter swimming in the outdoors! Avantouinti - as the Finns call it - literally "ice hole swimming" means swimming for a few minutes at a time or taking a quick dip in a large opening cut through the ice of a frozen lake or a sea.

Read on and think, "If the Finns can do it, I can too."

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The 40-Year-Old Virgin Swimmer

(This is for all of our mid-life crisis Dynoswimmers...)

~By W. Hodding Carter

In a (completely misguided) bid to make the 2008 Olympic team, ex-NCAA swimmer W. HODDING CARTER is training like he did in college. And that means spring break. Only this time our party frogman is cruising the British Virgin Islands under his own power.

Train like your life is half over


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Swim Across the Sound Recap


I'd just like to thank everyone who donated to the St. Vincent's Swim Across the Sound. Our team fundraised over $7000.00, and the entire event fundraised $250,000. After 2 years of finishing in 2nd place, we finally claimed the top spot and finished in 1st place out of the 31 relay teams. We had great conditions, which allowed us to complete our swim in 6:07:43. Make sure you check out some pictures from the event. Thanks again to everyone who donated to this great cause!

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Long Distance Swimmer Makes Trunk Call to Blair

LONDON (AFP) - A lawyer trying to become the first person to swim the full length of Britain's famous River Thames waded ashore in London to call on Prime Minister Tony Blair to tackle climate change.

Read the article

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Shark Tales

One morning Gary, Elizabeth, and I decided to go for a dive. We're off the FL Keys and shark tales are just that... tales. We headed about three miles offshore and reached our destination. Gary and I jumped in the water, spears in hand, as Elizabeth grabbed a spinner and began fishing from the boat. A huge snapper here, and an enormous grouper there, we were quickly 200 meters away from our boat. Elizabeth held the reigns on our vessel as Gary and I scoured the sea for dinner.

The Race Club, Shark Tales

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43 Miles of Ocean Hell

by Sam Stevens

Many have probably been guilty more than once in their lives of an outrageously implausible boast over a Friday night pint which they either lived to regret or couldn’t remember the following morning. And when former Bermuda College lecturer Sean O’Connell announced to a sceptical friend in the Robin Hood over 30 years ago that he wanted to become the first person ever to swim non-stop around Bermuda, there seemed no reason to suspect that this would be any different.

Read more about ocean swimming in Bermuda

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Dynoswim Makes the Newspapers (Again)!

Check out this article in the "News-Leader" by Beth Jones

Ed Gaw 5K Article


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Take a Moment to Reflect on Your Achievments Thus far

~Provided by Pedro Ordenes, Water World Swim

"Today I looked in the Random House College Dictionary for the definition of athlete. The athlete is described as having physical agility, stamina, strength and skill. If you are competing in an upcoming event you have trained hard to become agile and strong and like the artisan you have developed the knowledge and skill of your craft as an athlete. This didn’t just happen to you, you trained hard through physical exertion, personal sacrifice and discipline. Remember when you were a child and you were told it was impossible to swim 'in the frigid shark infested water' near Alcatraz because of the 'rip-tides?' Hundreds of swimmers have now made this crossing and have earned their finisher medals, but millions of people will never have this experience because they never believed it was possible for them to achieve. Not everyone can ride a bike full speed for 28 miles or run for 6 miles; or swim from Alcatraz. You are an athlete who believed in your potential to achieve your personal best. Take a moment to reflect on your achievement this far. This could be the best time of your life—recognize it. The competitions have arrived, its summertime and it’s your time to shine."

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Jellyfish in Florida

The cannonball jellyfish [Stomolophus meleagris], also known as the cabbage head jellyfish, is a harmless (it’s edible) variety that sometimes washes up on beaches in large numbers.

It's also that thing that kept bumping us last Sunday, one heck of a strong, solid, jellyfish. Check out the details...

Read About Our Florida Jellyfish


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Keys to Open-Water Sighting

by Barbara Hummel / Goswim.tv

Here’s an email I recently received from a Masters swimmer…and my reply. Although this swimmer is relatively new to triathlon, his questions are ones that I hear again and again from triathletes at every level.

Read More

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Swim Across the Sound - Connecticut Dynoswimmer, Joshua Usdavin

On August 5th, 2006 I will be competing in the 19th Annual Swim Across the Sound 25km marathon swim for the 3rd year in a row as part of the "Westport Swim Club Lane 3 Relay". A field of over 150 solo and relay swimmers participated in 2005 and raised a record $250,000 for cancer prevention, education and support programs sponsored by the Swim. Last year our relay team fundraised over $6000 and finished in 2nd place out of 25 relay teams.

Contributions received from Swim Across The Sound will be donated to the cause of secondary cancer prevention, with the endeavor of utilizing screening tests or examinations to detect early disease before it is clinically evident. Detection of the disease process in an early stage is essential for the purpose of initiating early intervention and improving long-term prognosis. Please consider donating to this crucial cause!

If you would like to contribute to this great cause please follow the following link to donate: http://www.active.com/donate/sas2006/joshusdavin

Many Thanks,
Joshua Usdavin

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Swimming the English Channel

Why is swimming the English Channel so difficult? Read this article to find out.

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Kindred Spirits, Open Water Swimming

Here's a website devoted "to inspire and promote our passion and enthusiasm for the art and sport of open water swimming; and to be a community resource for anyone with the dream of swimming the open waters of the world."

Check it out:

Water World


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Open Water Swimming Added to 2008 Olympic Program

This is great news! Check it out:

2008 Olympics

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Swim Across the Sound, cont.

First I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who donated to Swim Across the Sound. Our team "Westport Swim Club Lane 3" fundraised over $8,000 to benefit the St. Vincent's Medical Center cancer charity. As for the swim across Long Island Sound "it was the closest finish in the history of the race" as spoken by race director Dave Parcell's. Our team and the Westport Water WRATS team swapped holding the lead several times during the 15 mile trek across the sound. We ended up finishing just over a minute behind the 3 time defending champions in 5 hours, and 49 minutes. The conditions for the swim were just about perfect with little chop, no jellyfish, and lots of sun! Your donations and support will go a long way in helping with the battle against cancer. Again thanks for your support and generosity.

~Joshua Usdavin

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Swim Across the Sound

Dynoswim contributed $110.00 to the Swim Across the Sound for cancer research; thanks to all who donated. Check out some pictures from last Saturday's event:

Swim Across the Sound Photos

Swim Across the Sound Website

2005 Swim Across America LI Photos

Swim Across America Website

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Ever Suffer from Vacation Fitness Withdrawal?

Afraid of falling out of shape from a long overdue vacation? How about fitness anxiety before taking time off? Does forgoing your workout routine stress you out? Well, why not merge the two: Take a vacation that can actually improve your swimming fitness levels! (I like the Bavarian lake swim adventure holiday.) Read About Swimtrek

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Related topic, Swim Across America

Having the honor to workout with one of the founders of Swim Across America, Jeff Keith (co-founder), who along with other members of the Westport Swim Club, have become involved with Swim Across the Sound. Take a look at some of the great things their organization does by clicking on the above link...

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It's More Than Just Swimming...

Josh Usdavin, who some of you may have heard Dean mention, has been an integral part of the creation of the Dynoswim workout database and website. Josh has donated countless time and effort to help do what some of us do best, that is promote the sport of swimming. Josh is also doing his part to fight cancer in this year's "swim across the sound." Click on the link to learn more about the organization and what they do to support cancer research. We are asking you to help by making a contribution! Please use the link below to donate what you like - even $1.00 - online quickly & securely. You will receive email confirmation of your donation and Josh will be notified. We thank you in advance for your support, and really appreciate your generosity!


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