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Florida LMSC Consolidated Entry Form

Dynoswim Masters: you will need to fill out both the SUN Masters Valentine Meet form and the below Florida LMSC Consolidated Entry Form. Please follow the intructions provided by SUN Masters.

Download file

24 Jan 06 @ 8:07 PM  | 0 comments  | Registration Forms category

USMS/LMSC/Dynoswim Registration

For our adult Dynoswimmers, please use the online form to complete your USMS/LMSC/Dynoswim registration for 2006. Please return the completed form and your check made out to "Dynoswim" to Dean or Sheryl as soon as possible.

2006 Registration

4 Jan 06 @ 9:22 PM  | 0 comments  | Registration Forms category

Dynoswim Registration Required for All Swimmers

All Dynoswimmers are now required to submit the attached registration form. Please download the attached file, fill it out, and submit it to Dean or Sheryl by October 21, 2005.

Download file

25 Oct 05 @ 6:08 PM  | 2 comments  | Registration Forms category

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