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Breaststroke That Is Hard to Imitate and All but Impossible to Beat

posted August 30, 2010 @ 4:45 PM  |  Elite Level Competition category

Soni Pan Pac 2010.jpg

~By Karen Crouse

Breaststrokers are fish of a different school, with styles straight out of Dr. Seuss: flat strokes, surge strokes, high strokes, low strokes.

At the moment, the quirkiest -- and quickest -- breaststroke among the women belongs to Rebecca Soni, the American-record holder for the 200-meter event and the fastest in the world this year in the 100 and the 200.

On the final night of the Pan Pacific Championships, Soni came within a half-second of her world record in the 200 breaststroke -- an event in which she owns the six fastest times this year -- with a clocking of 2 minutes 20.69 seconds. Earlier in the week, she defeated the deepest 100-meter breaststroke field of the summer at the event.

Read on at the New York Times


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