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Quote for the Week of July 26, 2010

"To me, a goal is what you are going to accomplish. It's not what you hope you can accomplish, or wish you could do, or what you dream about... I want the goal to be something that you absolutely are going to do, and therefore it changes everything about you."

~Richard Quick

26 Jul 10 @ 6:28 AM  | 0 comments  |  Quote for the Week category

Stopwatches? Sensor Technology Puts the Laptop in Lap

~By Brett Zarda

Technology in swimming was once limited to a razor and a stopwatch.

The sport has joined the technological tide in recent years, and now Avidasports, a small start-up technology firm in Harper Woods, Mich., hopes to modernize swimmers' training regimens through the use of wireless sensors that enable coaches to collect performance data in real time. The new system will also allow coaches to give swimmers stroke-by-stroke feedback in their ears.

Read on at the New York Times

Provided by Kate Scully; thanks!

19 Jul 10 @ 4:16 PM  | 0 comments  |  Interesting Products category

Quote for the Week of July 19, 2010

"Unless you test yourself, you stagnate. Unless you try to go way beyond what you've been able to do before, you won't develop and grow. When you go for it 100%, when you don't have fear of 'what if I fail,' that's when you learn. That's when you're really living."

~Mark Allen, six time Ironman World Champion

19 Jul 10 @ 12:42 PM  | 0 comments  |  Quote for the Week category

Why do it?

~By John Leonard

I got a letter the other day from a coach in a foreign country, who wanted to know how the USA recognized all the contributions made by its "ordinary guys"...in coaching....who give clinics, write articles, take care of swimmers who are not on their own team and don't score any points for them, help parents who are in need, (and not on their own team) and generally "did good in the swimming world".

I thought about it, laughed and said, "In the USA, we do that stuff because we want to, not for awards, money or recognition".

He sent me back a note implying that not only was I lying, but I was hopelessly naïve. Well, I'm not lying and I'm definitely not naïve.

So I thought about it some more. Why didn't he get this?

And I realized why swimming coaches in this country make contributions like the above.

First, we love our country and the incredible privilege of living in such a remarkable place (not flawless, surely, but.....remarkable....) where we have the freedom and support to be what we want to be and do what we want to do. MOST other places in the world, we couldn't do that. So we feel blessed. And when you feel blessed, you have no issues in need of further recognition.

Second, we love our sport, and the incredible privilege of working in such a remarkable field. (not flawless, surely, but....remarkable..) where we actually get paid something for doing an activity most of us would do for free if someone couldn't pay us. Because we feel the privilege of working in swimming, we want to contribute back and feel a deep responsibility to do more than take....and it feels SOOOOOOOO good to contribute instead of taking.

Third, we love the other people in our sport, and the incredible privilege of working with such remarkable people. (not flawless, surely, but....remarkable).

When you love the people around you, you want to help them, contribute to them, make them feel like family and without thought of benefit, gain or recognition, just "do the right stuff by them." American Swimming IS a team, as Chuck Warner (Head Coach of Rutgers Women) constantly reminds us, and because it is, it's not a corporation, (though there are corporations who are a part of it) it's not a business (though lots of business is involved) and it IS a Family.

And we are all thrilled to be a part of the family. Most families don't hand out awards to each other. They hand out hugs and knowing and appreciative smiles to each other.

And that's plenty.


16 Jul 10 @ 6:07 PM  | 1 comments  |  Fun Facts | Swimmer Profiles category

HammerHead Ocean Marathon 1.25 or 2.5 Mile Swim

2010 Race Information

5th Annual Swim

When: Saturday August 7, 2010

Time: 8:00 am

Where: Jacksonville Beach Lifeguard Station (registration and finish line)

Learn More by Clicking Here

12 Jul 10 @ 2:36 PM  | 0 comments  |  Meets, Open Water, and Other Events | Open Water Swimming category

Quote for the Week of July 12, 2010

"A certain amount of opposition is a great help to a man. Kites rise against and not with the wind. Even a head wind is better than none. No man ever worked his passage anywhere in a dead calm. Let no man wax pale, therefore, because of opposition."

~John Neal, poet (1793-1876)

12 Jul 10 @ 9:59 AM  | 0 comments  |  Quote for the Week category

Quote for the Week of July 5, 2010

"Champions are everywhere. All you need to do is train them properly."

~Arthur Lydiard

5 Jul 10 @ 1:26 PM  | 0 comments  |  Quote for the Week category

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