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Jammer Highlight: Dan Martin

posted January 9, 2010 @ 11:15 AM  |  Meets, Open Water, and Other Events | Swimmer Profiles | Triathlon category

Dan Martin is a participant in the January Jam and we thought we'd let other participants know what he is up to:

The Global Triathlon from Daniel Martin on Vimeo.

An extreme test of both physical and mental resolve to circumnavigate the globe, combining an epic journey with the ultimate endurance sport:

Trans-Atlantic SWIM: New York to France

Inter-continental CYCLE: France to Alaska

Trans-continental RUN: Alaska to New York

The Global Triathlon

Dan will be setting out on Saturday May 8th 2010 from the base of the Statue of Liberty to swim 3426 miles east to Brest, France, arriving 10 weeks later in July. During this time he will be swimming along side a yacht where he will take half-hour breaks every two hours and sleep overnight.

At the end of each day's 8-hour swim, he will use a GPS system to mark his finishing point, and start from this spot the next day (to resist gaining any advantage from overnight 'floating' of the support boat). Dan will be first person to ever swim NYC to France without overnight drift and without flippers.

From Brest he will cycle east for 7995 miles to Uelen in Russia, crossing through Siberia and arriving at the Bering Straits in February 2011. From here he will complete a "Polar Bear Swim" (clambering over ice and swimming through open water) across the 50 mile straits to Wales, Alaska. Upon arriving in Alaska he will run to Fairbanks, navigating via snowmobile tracks and frozen rivers, and then on a further 5012 miles to New York, arriving in time to complete the New York Marathon in November 2011 as the final leg of his journey.

You can follow Dan on his website and twitter page!


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