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West Side Fly Progression Part 2

posted October 29, 2009 @ 4:34 AM  |  Technique, Tips, and Drills category

~By Nate McBride

As discussed previously, Stages 1-5 are part of the same "group" meaning they should be done together, in order. I would recommend doing them every day at least twice through before you begin the remaining stages. It helps to reinforce the concepts and gets your body attuned to the motions it will need to perform.

The remaining stages, 6-9, each encompass multiple steps but each stands alone as a stage and can be done any time without needing to do any of the other stages. Frequently, we will do fly drills that focus on one particular stage and then put it into practice. For the sake of this discussion however, I have put them in order of progression meaning you should learn stage 6 before you learn stage 7 and so on...

Kicking (Stage 6)

Next to the first five stages group, the kicking stage is the most critical and so I will spend the most time on it. There are four kicking phases in this stage. The first thing we teach swimmers is an understanding of how the hips and core play such a pivotal role in the fly kick. Discussion revolves around the importance of kick in general (any chance I can get to talk about kick I take full advantage) but primarily the fly kick. We use concepts like two legs together equals "one big fin" and "split leg syndrome" which indicates that the swimmer has a distinctive gap from the knees down. There are constant reminders of both and the goal being that the swimmer wants to achieve the "big fin" and maintain it.

The first phase is to have the swimmers get into water deep enough for vertical kicking. To understand how the hips drive the feet, we use the image of a diamond. I have them imagine their body being vertical in the center of the diamond:

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