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Thanks Dynoswim!

posted July 20, 2009 @ 8:48 AM  |  Open Water Swimming | Swimmer Profiles | Website category

magnetic island swim 2009.jpg

Hi Dynoswim,

I just wanted to write a short note to say thank you.

I am writing from Australia and have been using your site for a couple of months to find and log swim workouts. It is winter here, and most pools around where I live in a town about midway between Sydney and Brisbane are closed, and most (adult) squads are on their winter hiatus.

So it was your site for workouts in preparation for the swim I completed at the weekend.

And as I said, thank you, because I completed the 8 kilometre Townsville/Magnetic Island swim in 2hrs 25 minutes. (Have a look at their site - http://www.magneticislandswim.com.au)

Apart from the distance, the swim has some additional 'challenges'. As well as the risk of sharks and crocodiles (2008 was the first year the swim was done without cages), there is also a risk of Irukandji Jellyfish - a tiny little critter that can kill a adult pretty quickly but it was not their season and the organisers assured that they were unlikely to worry the swimmers.

D Hancock.jpg

But alas finished with all limbs intact in a time a bit slower than I hoped (but put that down to a fair bit of chop for a couple of kilometres). I am just a middle of the pack 40 year + swimmer and was very pleased just to make the distance.

Your site has been fantastic and I have recommended it to a couple of friends who train through the winter and just thought you might like the positive feedback.


Dean Hancock, Coffs Harbour, Australia

Additional Pics:

DH 1.jpg

One is of me on the beach the day before the swim looking out toward magnetic island, another is of me in the water. Not much of a pic this one though, it was taken by my paddler (all participants are allocated a paddler by the organisers). The third is of the view out to Magnetic Island. The swim starts in the sandy beach you can see to the top/right/centre of the island you can see in the distance, and finishes on the beach to the right of the tall building you can see in the foreground.

DH 2.jpg

It is a great swim and as I said last was year it was opened up and swam without cages. There were only 18 of us who did the swim who were not locals, it might be something some of the keen swimmers from your part of the world might consider having a go at.

DH 3.jpg


Good to see the other swimming power using the site and reaching a level of success.

Posted by bill geoghegan on July 21, 2009 @ 9:43 PM


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