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A Team, a Brotherhood

posted February 13, 2009 @ 4:12 AM  |  College and University Swimming category

The men's swimming & diving team's unity can only be described as a fraternity of brothers

~By Ty Johnson, Technicianonline.com (UNC student newspaper)

Jon-Vorpagel.gif The swim meet has been over for more than twelve minutes now.

UNC-Chapel Hill has left Casey Natatorium's competition pool with a sweep over both swim teams - a bitter loss for the teams regardless of the opponent, but especially against the Tar Heels in the Wolfpack's home pool.

After a swim-down and some words from coach Brooks Teal, the women's team exits the pool as the swimmers remove their pink swim caps and grab towels on the way to the locker room, but the men's team remains in the pool.

After the coaches have left, the men's team moves to the center of the pool, treading water long after the meet has ended as the seniors debrief the team. A loud chant announces the meeting is over, and the swimmers finally pull themselves out of the pool to get dried and dressed.

Such is the brotherhood of the men's swimming and diving team.

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