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Did you know...?

The famous channel swimming hoax, carried out to show how easily such a thing could be faked without proper supervision, took place October 10-11, 1927. Dr. Dorothy Cochrane Logan, a young British physician, disappeared into the surf at Cape Gris Nez, France, and reappeared 13 hours, 13 minutes later at Folkestone, England. Her record apparently had beaten that of Gertrude Ederle set the year before and the young woman was given a prize offered by a British newspaper. A few days later, however, she announced that the whole thing had been a fraud, that she had swum only the first and last few miles and that she and her trainer had plotted the hoax to prove how simply the world could be fooled. Both she and her trainer were fined, but for perjury not fraud.

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Human Polar Bear

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Quote for the Week of February 23, 2009

Thank-you Tiger Swimming (Occidental College, Los Angeles)!

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Jake Scully Biking Cross-Country For Education

Jake-Scully.gif Here's a note from Dynoswimmer Kate Sussman regarding her brother Jake Scully. By the way, once a Dynoswimmer, always a Dynoswimmer. Great job, and noble cause, Jake!

Hi Dean,

I hope all is well with you and the northern Dynoswimmers. I'm sure you remember my brother, Jake. He is riding his bike across the US and attempting to raise money for the Flagler County Education Association at the same time. If you think the story is worth posting - since I know he's riding, not swimming ;-) there's a link below.

Take care,


Read the article at Central Florida's Channel 13:

Local Man Biking Cross-Country For Education

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Did you know...?

At the 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games, the swimming venue was built into the Stockholm harbor. It was a salt water course, 100m in length.

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Quote for the Week of February 16, 2009

"You are here for a purpose. There is no duplicate of you in the whole wide world. There never has been, there never will be. You were brought here now to fill a certain need. Take time to think that over."

~Lou Austin

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A Team, a Brotherhood

The men's swimming & diving team's unity can only be described as a fraternity of brothers

~By Ty Johnson, Technicianonline.com (UNC student newspaper)

Jon-Vorpagel.gif The swim meet has been over for more than twelve minutes now.

UNC-Chapel Hill has left Casey Natatorium's competition pool with a sweep over both swim teams - a bitter loss for the teams regardless of the opponent, but especially against the Tar Heels in the Wolfpack's home pool.

After a swim-down and some words from coach Brooks Teal, the women's team exits the pool as the swimmers remove their pink swim caps and grab towels on the way to the locker room, but the men's team remains in the pool.

After the coaches have left, the men's team moves to the center of the pool, treading water long after the meet has ended as the seniors debrief the team. A loud chant announces the meeting is over, and the swimmers finally pull themselves out of the pool to get dried and dressed.

Such is the brotherhood of the men's swimming and diving team.

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Did you know...?

Self-propulsion through water, often as a form of recreation or exercise or as a competitive sport, is mentioned in many of the classics in connection with heroic acts or religious rites. The first book on methods of swimming was Nicolas Wynman's Dialogue Concerning the Art of Swimming (1538).

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Quote for the Week of February 9, 2009

"It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through."

~Zig Ziglar

9 Feb 09 @ 12:57 AM  | 0 comments  |  Quote for the Week category

New Study Reveals Swimming Can Cut Men's Risk of Dying in Half

By: PR Newswire

Research shows swimming may be the prescription for longevity

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Feb. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- A new study shows that swimming cuts men's risk of dying by about 50% compared to runners, walkers and sedentary peers. The University of South Carolina study led by Dr. Steven Blair evaluated comprehensive physical exams and behavioral surveys from thousands of people who were enrolled in the Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study (ACLS) over the last 32 years. The results were presented at the 2008 World Aquatic Health(TM) Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and have been published in the International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education.

"Swimmers had the lowest death rate," explains Blair. He adds that the study takes into account age, body mass index, smoking status, alcohol intake, hypertension, other medical factors and family history. "This is the first report that examined mortality rates among swimmers in comparison with other types of physical activity and sedentary lifestyle. We conclude that men who swim for exercise have better survival rates than their sedentary peers," he summarizes.

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Did you know...?

The first swimming meet approved by the NCAA was held in 1924 at the U.S. Naval Academy. It was not until 1937 that the NCAA classed it as an official National Collegiate Championship Meet.

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Quote for the Week of February 2, 2009

"Love yourself -- accept yourself -- forgive yourself -- and be good to yourself, because without you the rest of us are without a source of many wonderful things."

~Dr. Leonardo Buscaglia (1924-1998); professor, author

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