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Pre-Race Prep

posted November 15, 2008 @ 2:01 PM  |  Meets, Open Water, and Other Events category

FL grocery walk 111508.jpg We got into Liechtenstein an hour so before the 12pm race start. Pre-race prep consists of carving some spaces out at the pool, and running to the grocery store for supplies (photo is Thorsten and Sharon on our way back to the pool from the store).

I've uploaded a number of videos at You Tube. In the meantime, check out the Race Start below, there are other clips of pre-race preparation on You Tube, so check those out too!

You have to bear with me on the content of the blogs for the time being. The race ended a few hours ago and we're quite exhausted and in a lot of pain. More on that later...

Here's another photo of Sharon and I (that's Judi in the background), a few minutes before the start.

Pre race spot.jpg


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