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What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

posted September 12, 2008 @ 9:32 PM  |  Book and Movie Reviews | Triathlon category

Dan Cerasale.jpg Dan Cerasale was so taken back after reading this book, that we asked him to review it. Dan's a passionate and accomplished runner, a triathlete, and some time Masters swimmer. In fact, at the time of this blog publishing, he'll be in the midst of a 24 hour 200 mile relay!

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

~By, Huraki Murakami

Dan writes:

The alarm goes off. It is 32 degrees outside. 15 minutes later, cold weather gear equipped, sleep still in your eyes, you head out. Your lungs burn for the first 10 minutes adjusting to the cold air. You nimbly dodge ice patches and hop over snow chunks. People drive by in salt crusted cars with their mouths agape and look at you like you are totally insane. You give them a smile back, a wave if they are lucky. People always ask you... why would you do that to yourself? The only answer I can give them is I really like to run. That is what this book is about. If you are a runner than you know. There is something about running that you just can't describe to someone who doesn't run.

Huraki Murakami is well known throughout the world. He has won a plethora of literary awards for his often extremely imaginative fiction. This book, however, is non-fiction. It's more an account of a couple years of his life that encompasses races, memoirs, training, self discovery, all through running. It is not only an exploration of himself through running, it explores all of life's questions and idiosyncrasies.

I think the pacing of the book is it's one flaw. Like a hilly run, it has its ups and downs, its faster paced sections and it's slower paced sections. All in all, if you are a runner, it's a must read!


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