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Weekend Training

posted September 9, 2008 @ 2:24 AM  |  Featured Workouts | Meets, Open Water, and Other Events | Open Water Swimming category

Team-Building-1.gifWe had a great weekend of training beginning on Saturday morning with a practice geared toward our Liechtenstein 24 Hour relay.

Later we all took part in a team-building exercise which lasted most of the day. Then on Sunday, we capped our weekend off with an open-water swim in Southport, Connecticut. I guess you could say it was the perfect weekend.

(I have to say, I really love these photos...)

Photos include Mabel Prada (top only) Laura Burke, Dan Cerasale (top only), Jake Gulick, Sharon Kriz (bottom only), Billy Geoghegan and Dean Osterloh.

Southport-090708.gif Also a special thanks to Suzanne Simmonds for taking some great photos of us in the Long Island Sound and sending them to us, thanks!


LOL, Deano, you sure know how to spin it! "Team building," eh?? Corporate guy you are!

Posted by Jake on September 9, 2008 @ 6:05 PM


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