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Swim Across the Sound - Race Report

posted August 4, 2008 @ 5:18 AM  |  Open Water Swimming category

Jean Claude and the Vandammits.jpg

"Jean-Claude and the Vandammits" - our relay team - was represented by Kim Russo, Billy Geoghegan (support), Laura Burke, Dean Osterloh, Dan Cerasale, Kristen Adams, and John O'Fallon (Team Captain)

So, what can I say? We were one-third to one-half of the way through our race when it was called due to a severe storm and lightning. Even before the storm, swimmers were dropping out (none from our team of course) due to an abundant amount of jelly fish and the stings that go with that. Truth is, I'm quite disappointed but am committed to doing this race again next year. The only question that remains is if I'll do it solo or as part of a relay. Ask in six months and I should have the answer.

Dean O SAS.jpg

In addition to the photos I've included here, you can view the entire 2008 Swim Across the Sound photo collection of the day and you can see some scrappy video footage here.

Despite the disappointments, I do of course want to bring your attention back to all of the people that through your support, you've come to help. And please know that if you'd like to, you can still donate to St. Vincent's by clicking through to the donor page. You can also learn about the great things St. Vincent's does directly from those involved. Just watch the video below.

Thanks so very, very much!

~Dean O.

Watch this video from St. Vincent's:


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