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Kiphuth's 'Cathedral of Sweat' Where 'Mr. Yale' Held the Key to Glory

posted March 27, 2008 @ 5:47 AM  |  College and University Swimming | Swimmer Profiles category

Two weeks ago, I watched the Connecticut Boys High School State Championship meet which was held at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. I have plenty of videos I'd like to share with the Dynoswim community. Stay tuned for more on that later... In the meantime, read about one of the pioneers of the sport - Bob Kiphuth, a pillar of the Yale community for 50 years.

~By Cecil M. Colwin

He converted swimmers world-wide to a new system of training.

Whenever I see swimmers doing their land training exercises, I think of my friend, the late Bob Kiphuth of Yale, the acknowledged 'Father of Land Training for Swimmers'.

His full name and title was Professor Robert John Herman Kiphuth, Director of the Payne Whitney Gymnasium, Yale University. But to us the great Olympic coach was plain Bob Kiphuth. But any familiarity, during working hours, ended there. Kiphuth ruled Payne Whitney with a rod of iron.

Any man with more than casual contact with him came away with some of the Kiphuth stamp. He was one of those men you don't forget. Last September at the Pan Pacs in Atlanta, I recalled a veritable Kiphuth kaleidoscope of memories with Peter Daland , who was Kiphuth's assistant in the 1950's.

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