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Finding Her Rhythm: Swimmer Adjusts to a Heart Procedure and a New Coach

posted March 21, 2008 @ 9:20 AM  |  Swimmer Profiles category

~By Karen Crouse

LOS ANGELES -- The choice was hers. Rebecca Soni could slide over into the lanes with the U.S.C. distance swimmers for a series of 300-yard repeats with precious seconds to catch her breath. Or she could join the sprinters for a series of 50-yard swims with enough time in between to converse.

On the surface, this might not seem like much of a choice. Soni, a junior whose best event is the 200 breaststroke, once tried to keep swimming when her heart seemed to want to jump out of her chest.

Read on at The New York Times

Provided by Johnny Delahoz, thanks!


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