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Live Webcast of the 2007 USA Swimming Short Course National Championships

Sixteen U.S. Olympians and numerous 2008 Olympic hopefuls will compete in Atlanta this weekend in the last national U.S. swimming event prior to the 2008 Olympic Team Trials. For the first time ever the event will be available via live webcast at the newly-launched, Swimnetwork.com. All races during the finals sessions will begin at 6 p.m. ET and will be webcast from Thursday, Nov. 28 to Saturday, Dec. 1.

Continue reading at USA Swimming.

28 Nov 07 @ 10:19 PM  | 0 comments  |  Elite Level Competition category

Did you know...?

The average human produces 25,000 quarts of spit in a lifetime, enough to fill two swimming pools.

I guess you wouldn't have to worry about swallowing the pool water.

28 Nov 07 @ 12:48 AM  | 1 comments  |  Fun Facts category

Student Rally To Save Syracuse Swimming and Diving

Dynoswimmers from the Syracuse area or any members of the Global Dynoswim community, please pass this along to those you know in the upstate New York region...

The rally will be held Saturday, December 8th, at 5:30 PM outside Gate E (student entrance) of the Carrier Dome before the basketball game at 7:00PM.

The purpose of the rally is to educate students of the questionable practices of the Athletic Department and to support the recently cut Swimming and Diving team.

To prepare for the rally, somewhere around 1,000 T shirts will be distributed in Schine Student center the previous week before, displaying the "Save the SU Swim Team" logo. There will also be thousands of fliers distributed informing students of the rally and why the swim team should not have been cut. We will also be auctioning off a Jet Blue airline ticket. I am hoping to get as much media coverage as possible. Having it outside the student entrance should reach the 3,000 some student season ticket holders in addition to Syracuse community members. Feel free to contact me at gfklotz@syr.edu or 585-749-5376.

~Greg Klotz

27 Nov 07 @ 6:37 PM  | 1 comments  |  College and University Swimming category

Swimmer's Shoulder Parts I & II

~By Larry M. Weisenthal

Most swim coaches and orthopedic physicians do not really understand swimmer's shoulder. It is important to understand the anatomy of the shoulder as well as the techniques and methods for avoiding injury.

For part one of this article, click here.

What can coaches do for their athletes who have swimmer's shoulder? Reduce the time the swimmer spends in full forward flexion/abduction; and reduce or, preferably, eliminate internal rotation.

For Part II of this article, click here.

27 Nov 07 @ 5:18 PM  | 0 comments  |  Health and Nutrition category

St. Croix Dolphins Swim Team Invites You...

We would like to invite Dynoswim and all US Masters teams to a swim meet this February 2008, in sunny St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. Please contact me if you're interested, and I will send out the meet summons. Additionally, we will be more than happy to help with travel arrangements. Please free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you for your time,

Nadene Landry

Contact Nadene through the St. Croix Dolphins website or use Dynoswim's contact us link and we'll provide you with the phone number.

26 Nov 07 @ 8:51 PM  | 0 comments  |  Meets, Open Water, and Other Events category

Quote for the Week of November 26, 2007

"You have not lived a perfect day, even though you have earned your money, unless you have done something for someone who cannot repay you."

~Ruth Smeltzer

26 Nov 07 @ 3:19 AM  | 0 comments  |  Quote for the Week category

Happy Thanksgiving, Dynoswimmers!

Life for a swimmer should be more or less chlorinated, but sometimes it isn't and it affects just about every part of our lives. In the grand scheme of it all losing pool time and practices is a minor blip and trivial compared to the real problems we face. Anyway, I know I have a lot to be thankful for, but as for the Dynoswim community, I'm thankful we've got consistent pool time in Palm Coast once again. I'm also thankful for the Dynoswimmers that make the organization work and make it stronger every year. Sometimes when I'm daydreaming I think about the state of the global Dynoswim community in 10-20 years from now; I'm pretty sure I know what it will look like, do you?

So I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. By the way, take a look at some photos Josh wanted to share - luckily, I didn't see any snapshots of Frieda Zamba in this set.

21 Nov 07 @ 5:10 AM  | 0 comments  |  Dynoswim Palm Coast category

Did you know...?

The Olympic oath reads, "In the name of all competitors, I promise that we shall take part in these Olympic Games, respecting and abiding by the rules that govern them, in the true spirit of sportsmanship, for the glory of sport and the honor of our teams."

21 Nov 07 @ 4:46 AM  | 0 comments  |  Fun Facts category

Quote for the Week of November 19, 2007

"Shovel while the piles are small."

~Author Unknown

19 Nov 07 @ 3:18 AM  | 0 comments  |  Quote for the Week category

Monte Monfore swims to end child hunger!

World record holder ocean swimmer Monte Monfore set a new record swimming across the Bali straits as part of Walk the World on May 21, 2006.

Provided by Emily Nohner, thanks!

14 Nov 07 @ 6:00 PM  | 0 comments  |  Open Water Swimming category

Did you know...?

Plunge for Distance was a short-lived Olympic event. Contestants began with a standing dive into a swimming pool where they remained motionless for 60 seconds or until they ran out of breath. The length of their dive was then measured. The event was introduced at the St Louis Games of 1904 and the gold medal went to William Dickey of the United States with a modest plunge of 19.05 metres. Americans filled all five placings. After that the event plunged deep into obscurity and was never held again.

14 Nov 07 @ 4:46 AM  | 0 comments  |  Fun Facts category

Quote for the Week of November 12, 2007

"You can't shake hands with a clenched fist."

~Indira Gandhi

12 Nov 07 @ 3:16 AM  | 0 comments  |  Quote for the Week category

Did you know...?

In the 1904 Olympic Games, the first three places in the plunge-for-distance event went to members of the New York Athletic Club. The gold went to William Dickey with a plunge of 62’6”.

7 Nov 07 @ 4:45 AM  | 0 comments  |  Fun Facts category

Arizona State High School Record of Olympian Gary Hall Jr. Falls

You have to love the underdog. I also sympathize with Adam Small, now he has to contend with all the pressure of being the next Gary Hall jr. (only better as some might say). It would have been great to see it, that's for sure. By the way, Dynoswimmers are huge fans of Gary

~By Brian Savard

TEMPE, Arizona, November 4. TEN Olympic medals. American record holder in the 50 meter freestyle. One of the most decorated sprinters in the history of U.S. swimming.

Thumbing through the accomplishments of Gary Hall Jr. causes one to reflect upon his impact as one of the fastest sprinters in history.

His accomplishments, then, make his records sacred, and whenever one is broken, it stands as a special event.

Read about it at Swimming World Magazine

6 Nov 07 @ 1:36 AM  | 0 comments  |  Elite Level Competition category

Quote for the Week of November 5, 2007

"The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart."

~Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-1899), Orator

5 Nov 07 @ 3:15 AM  | 0 comments  |  Quote for the Week category

Jimmy McGowan, Making Gallaudet and Dynoswim Proud!

Jimmy McGowan at Gallaudet

Jimmy McGowan from Palm Coast, a 2007 FSDB graduate and part-time Dynoswimmer, is swimming on the Gallaudet University swim team. Their first meet was October 27, 2007 and Jimmy now holds the Gallaudet 100 backstroke record with his new personal best of 59.80! He was also a member of the 200 Medley Relay team which set a new school record! Way to go Jimmy!

Aqua-Bison open 2007-08 slate with two team records

WASHINGTON, DC--The Gallaudet University Men and Women Aqua-Bison opened up its 2007-08 campaign with a pair of losses to Salisbury University and University of Mary Washington, two Capital Athletic Conference (CAC) powerhouses. Despite the losses, the team surprised many with some of their fast swims, including two team records and several individual first place finishes.

Read on at the Aqua-Bison webpage.

1 Nov 07 @ 10:43 PM  | 2 comments  |  College and University Swimming category

Joint Effort Key in Building Aquatic Center

Most everyone that comes to visit Dynoswim is part of the swimming community at large. In fact, we have visitors from all over the world and I've received email messages from many of them. Some ask general questions about training while others might just say, "Hey, thanks for the workouts." One particular email comes to mind. About two years ago a swim Dad contacted me to help with training ideas for his son. Here's the catch, the family lives in Indonesia and had limited to no access to a pool. Kind of difficult to train for swimming when you can't actually swim. Nevertheless, I wasn't necessarly surprised. Pools are expensive, and perhaps it's not too much of a stretch to say it, but it's clear that most of the world doesn't have access to training facilities in the way that we in the United States and other western nations do.

But how frustrating it is! Dynoswim Palm Coast has been scrounging for training time since September. Our normal pool should be open within a week, but when you take training as seriously as we do, you'll understand that there's a serious void left in our lives. No training facility means no training, or no consistency in training, and we all know the compounding negative affects this can have on every facet of our lives.

But there are many communities in and outside of the U.S. that don't have any place to train at all, I guess even with our problems, we can count ourselves as blessed.

Here's another local's opinion on the matter. This time the news hit the editorial page. We all agree that we need a new pool, that demand has far exceeded supply. But a seemingly simple issue gets sidetracked by the normal course of government in the democratized world. Well, that's the way it is, and we have to navigate through the protocol. Politics anyone...?

Read on at the Daytona Beach News-Journal

1 Nov 07 @ 6:37 AM  | 0 comments  |  Dynoswim Palm Coast category

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