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On Sportsmanship...

posted October 22, 2007 @ 6:58 AM  |  Elite Level Competition category

Generally speaking, I think swimmers tend to be good sports. You don't see too many after race victory dances and trash talking. But that might only be because participation in swimming is overshadowed by the traditional "three letter" sports.

We do have our share of idiots though, like back during the Sydney games when Amy van Dyken spat in Inge de Bruijn's lane before the 50 Free. Actually the whole U.S. team was a bit rowdy that year (2000) offending just about everyone with chants of "USA" and "Number 1!". It sounds harmless, but in the international venues it's important to remember that you truly represent your country and your actions will define the United States, its values, and citizens as a whole. In short: be on your best behavior - not just when you make it to the elite level, but when you're representing yourselves too.

I like the way Mike Gustafson describes his bout with cockiness as an 11 year-old in his Guide to Sportsmanship in this week's Timed Finals.

Anyone recall their most embarrassing unsportsmanlike experience?


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