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Did your coach ever make you swim as far as you could under water?

posted October 12, 2007 @ 5:26 PM  |  Open Water Swimming category

Did anyone ever pass out? Then tell us about it. In the meantime read this article from some time back. It's an old article but an interesting one...

Navy Seal Drowns in Shallow End of Honolulu Municipal Swimming Pool

On March 26, 1998, a Navy Seal who was training for the U.S. Free Diving Team, approached the two Lifeguards on duty at a municipal swimming pool and explained he was training to hold his breath for a prolonged period of time while underwater in order to gain a spot on the U.S. Free Diving Team. The Lifeguards gave the individual permission to practice in the shallow end of the pool. This individual then went to the shallow end, directly in front of the Lifeguard stand, went through a series of breathing and swimming exercises, then hyperventilated and attempted to hold his breath, while still located in the shallow end directly in front of the Lifeguard stand. In order to assist him in staying underwater, he draped a weight belt across his hips.

Read on at Lifesaving.com


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