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Did you know...?

Diana Nyad, in 1979, was the first person to swim from the Bahamas to Florida.

29 Aug 07 @ 4:37 AM  | 0 comments  |  Fun Facts category

Quote for the Week of August 27, 2007

"I believe that the reason of life is for each of us simply to grow in love."

~Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910), writer

27 Aug 07 @ 3:04 AM  | 0 comments  |  Quote for the Week category

2007 Pan American Games

Pan American Games 2007

I wanted to share this email with the Dynoswim community:

Hello Dean! As promised, here are some highlights to share with you...

First of all, Jimmy is an amazing person. He glows of kindness, smiles, helpfulness, thankfulness.... He has a HUGE heart that is so rare among athletes. I felt honored to have coached him, if only briefly.

The whole international competition thing for Jimmy was truly an experience for him. Not only were there the swim team, the men's volleyball team, the track and field team and both the women's and men's basketball teams also participated from USA. The 4th Pan American Deaf Games also had soccer and bowling competition as well. The Games took place at Universidad Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela.

Jimmy's experience in mingling with other athletes from eight other countries is something that he'll probably never forget. You have to remember that all these athletes use sign language. There were some small differences in the signs but overall, everyone signed with each other and knew what the other said. Where else can you find this spontanity and fluidity in conversing with people of different languages?

Jimmy was always smiling. Even when there were problems, he'd smile... (He even asked me if they give out Sportsmanship awards - truly he would be the person who would get it. (smiles)

He swam his Personal Best in all of the events he swam. He even swam the 100 breaststroke, which I later found out was a mistake made by the officials. They even had him entered in the 200 breaststroke! They mistakenly put him in the breaststroke events instead of the backstroke events. Situation was resolved; he swam his backstroke events! Here are his times/place:

100 breast - 1:39.08, 7th

100 free - 1:06.03, 5th

50 free - 27.48, silver medal

100 back - 1:12.92, bronze medal

200 back - 2:39.53, silver medal

They had the Opening and Closing Ceremonies beautifully done. The Venezueleans are proud people; music flowed everywhere even during the competition events they had music playing for the spectators! The Opening Ceremony boasted of several live bands, dancers in their flowing skirts and even Miss Venezuela herself sat in the presiding box. The highlight was when the torch was lit, it sent off an amazing 20 minutes of fireworks which would rival any July 4th fireworks here in USA!

Jimmy has vowed to continue swimming. Personally, I think he has a very good chance of making the 2009 Deaflympic team going to Taipei, Taiwan. He is now at Gallaudet University as a first year student who intends to swim for the Aqua Bison swim team there. He should do well and I am sure will swim during the summer months with your team.

I have attached some pictures. Do enjoy them!


Kathy Sallade, Pan Am '07 Swim Team Coach

APE/PE teacher

Varsity Swim Team coach

California School for the Deaf

Fremont, CA 94538

Note: A special thank-you to Sheryl Watkins, Scott Bay, Amy Britton, Dave Petkovsek, and Judi Rich for the combined effort in making Jimmy McGowan's Dynoswim training experience an especially successful and rewarding one - a true team effort.

26 Aug 07 @ 9:58 PM  | 3 comments  |  Dynoswim Palm Coast category

Moss Park Triathlon

Scott Bay at the Moss Park Triathlon:

"I was hurting today. Hot and humid but managed a 14th overall out of 300+. Even after going off course. I was + 9 minutes to the guy at the end and there were a pack of us at @ 1:06-7. Not bad on the swim, a little slow due to a picture pose again but hey...It is not the Olympic Trials right?"


Photo Opportunity

26 Aug 07 @ 4:19 PM  | 0 comments  |  Meets, Open Water, and Other Events category

Did you know...?

The top speed of an abalone on the move is 5 yards per minute.

Look at him go!

22 Aug 07 @ 9:34 PM  | 0 comments  |  Fun Facts category

Nohner completes swimming goal in Big Birch Lake

Note: This is a follow-up to Emily's 9-miler published August 17, 2007

~By Herman J. Lensing

Emily Nohner came from Washington, D.C. to Big Birch Lake just to take a swim.

Well it was more than just the swimming, it was to help out the friend of a friend. Nohner, 22, the daughter of Kevin and Mary Nohner, swam between nine and 10 miles in Big Birch Lake Saturday, Aug. 4 to bring a bit of attention to the need for research on cerebral palsy.

A graduate of the University of Dayton, Ohio, with a major in political science and a minor in International Studies, Emily Nohner became interested in cerebral palsy when she found out that Maddison Duncan, the nephew of a former professor, has cerebral palsy.

She had often heard of people who ran or walked in a marathon for a specific cause, but was not that interested in walking. She did, however, like to swim.

Read on at the Melrose Beacon

22 Aug 07 @ 4:47 AM  | 0 comments  |  Meets, Open Water, and Other Events category

Visiting Dynoswimmer at the Pan Am Games

Recent graduate goes to Venezuela:

A recent graduate, and swimmer, from FSDB, James McGowan, will be returning from Valencia, Venezuela this weekend with a heavier suitcase. Jimmy will return Saturday from the 4th Annual Deaf Pan Am Games in Venezuela with 2 silver and 1 bronze medal in swimming.

Jimmy raised the money needed for travel by saving his graduation gift money, with the help of some very generous teachers and staff on campus, and his grandparents. He was excited about this opportunity and made the commitment to train six days a week all summer long. I arranged for Jimmy to join the St. Augustine Cyclones swim club in town and Dynoswim Aquatics in Palm Coast, where he lives. I didn't mind interpreting practices for him because Jimmy never complained - even when we went to double practices and had to be at the pool at 6 a.m. and back again at 5 p.m.!

Jimmy swam the:

100m breast in 1:39.08 (7th)

100m freestyle in 1:06.03 (5th)

100m backstroke in 1:12.92 (bronze medal)

200 m backstroke in 2:39.53 (silver medal)

50m freestyle in 27.48 (silver medal)

This meet was a long course meet - 50 meters instead of the usual 25 yards he was accustomed to. Converting his times to yards would give Jimmy several new personal best times! He was excited to get the opportunity to experience this type of racing and I think he'll just continue to improve over the next few years.

Kathy Sallade, swim coach from CA School for the Deaf - Freemont, met the swimmers in Ft. Lauderdale on Aug. 7th where they swam 3 days in the Hall of Fame pool to get used to the long course format. She will send pictures when she arrives home and I'll post them on the FSDB - Swimming website.

Jimmy will be heading to Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. as soon as he arrives home and will begin swim practice for the Gallaudet Swim Team on Sept. 4th.

Thank you to all those who support the FSDB swim program and a special thank you to Frank Holleman from the St. Augustine Cyclones and the entire Dynoswim organization for all your support this summer!

~Susan Orton Cooper, Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind

21 Aug 07 @ 4:27 AM  | 3 comments  |  Meets, Open Water, and Other Events category

Quote for the Week of August 20, 2007

"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around."

~Leo Buscaglia

20 Aug 07 @ 3:03 AM  | 0 comments  |  Quote for the Week category

Champion Swimmer To Swim Around Manhattan

Hopes To Raise Money For Cancer Patients

(AP) NEW YORK After more than 22 consecutive hours of swimming around Manhattan, Marcos Diaz finally came ashore on Sunday.

The Dominican world record holder had a goal for his marathon overnight swim: to raise money for poor Dominican children with cancer and start a program for youngsters with asthma.

Diaz, 32, battled asthma as a child by swimming in the Caribbean waters, which turned him into an athlete.

"I started to swim when I was 6 to improve my lungs and my breathing," Diaz said before plunging into the Hudson River on Saturday evening.

Read on at WCBStv.com

19 Aug 07 @ 8:28 PM  | 0 comments  |  Open Water Swimming category

Optimising Swim Turn Performance

~By Dr. Andrew Lyttle - Biomechanics Department, Western Australian Institute of Sport

~By Nat Benjanuvatra - Department of Human Movement and Exercise Science, The University of Western Australia

With turn times accounting for up to one third of the total race time, minor improvements in turning performance can lead to substantially improved event times. A successful swim turn results from a multitude of factors and requires a complex series of manoeuvres to optimise the total turning performance.

Read On

Note: I recommend you watch the included short videos

15 Aug 07 @ 6:50 AM  | 0 comments  |  Technique, Tips, and Drills category

Palm Coast Dynoswimmers...

The normal practice schedule resumes at Frieda Zamba.


15 Aug 07 @ 5:36 AM  | 0 comments  |  Practice category

Did you know...?

Right now as you sit reading this, more than 100,000,000 micro creatures are swimming, feeding, reproducing, and depositing waste inside that area behind your lips.

15 Aug 07 @ 4:34 AM  | 0 comments  |  Fun Facts category

Quote for the Week of August 13, 2007

"People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don't even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child -- our own two eyes. All is a miracle."

~Thich Nhat Han, Vietnamese Buddhist monk

13 Aug 07 @ 3:02 AM  | 0 comments  |  Quote for the Week category

4th Annual DeLand Triathlon

Scott was 5th overall and first in his Age Group. He also finished second in the swim at approximately 12 minutes. (Note: results include the time to the transition area and a stop to pose for a photo, so please disregard any faster swim times since Scott was second out of the water.) Interesting fact: as an off-road event, Scott used his secret weapon, a bike that he got out of the garbage. He still managed to have the fourth fastest bike split though.

DeLand Tri Results

Click here to request an autographed photo

12 Aug 07 @ 4:19 PM  | 5 comments  |  Meets, Open Water, and Other Events category

2007 Swim Across the Sound Recap

westport swim club lane 3

First off thank you to everyone who donated! Our team "Westport Swim Club Lane 3" fundraised over $8000 for the Swim Across the Sound. Saturday's 25km swim fundraised $350,000 amongst all the relay teams and solo swimmers. The conditions of Long Island Sound couldn't have been more optimal, with finishing times being the fastest in the 20 year history of the swim. Our team finished in first place for the 2nd consecutive year in a row, breaking the amateur relay record with a time of 4 hours and 47 minutes! We couldn't have done it without the encouragement and generosity of all of our supporters.

I've included some pictures from the event (including one advertising the swim, that turned out to be me [Josh] on a billboard located on I-95) as well as newspaper and media clips covering the event.

swim across the sound I95 billboard

Many thanks once again,
Joshua Usdavin

9 Aug 07 @ 5:38 AM  | 2 comments  |  Meets, Open Water, and Other Events category

Did you know...?

The first man to swim the English Channel without a life jacket was Captain Matthew Webb, who died trying to swim the rapids above Niagara Falls.

The question is, did he die swimming the rapids or did he die after going over the edge?

8 Aug 07 @ 4:33 AM  | 0 comments  |  Fun Facts category

Dear Dynoswimmers...

~Originally sent via email to the Dynoswim community on March 1, 2007

I would like to bring your attention to something that is very important. It’s important not just for the obvious reasons, but important because of its potential to change all the people that are directly and peripherally involved.

As many of you know, Dynoswim is working quite closely with Emily Nohner to help her achieve her goal to swim 9 miles open-water as part of a charity event for a young man who isn’t quite as lucky as most of us.

(Details can be found here): Emily's 9 Miler

What I’d like to point out to you is not so much that this is a charitable event for a noble cause, but more important, to point out your ability to make a difference in a person’s life. You see, many of us want to do what we can to support this cause whether that be with a donation of time, money, knowledge, or enthusiasm. But this initiative goes a little deeper than that.

The true gift here is proving how achievable it is for all of us to pursue the causes that are dear to us. To help each and every individual feel empowered to do something that will have an impact, and that will effectively change the world, even if it’s just one person’s world.

Making a difference starts with one good intention at a time, and like enthusiasm, it’s contagious. So, I ask you to please look inside yourself, find something you’re truly passionate about, and make a difference. Charity, for lack of a better term, comes in many shapes and sizes; and all charity is equally influential. Know that you do have the power to make a difference in a person’s life, and don’t take that responsibility lightly. Time moves ever so quickly and we all live our lives with regrets. But remember, you will never regret giving something of yourself, no matter how big (an endowment), no matter how small (a pat on the back), we’ll look back on this and feel that we accomplished something that matters.

Best Regards,

Dean O.

Contributions are still being accepted, click here to find out how to contribute.

6 Aug 07 @ 8:47 PM  | 0 comments  |  Meets, Open Water, and Other Events category

Boy with disorder inspires 9-mile swim

~By TaLeiza Calloway

FREEPORT — Emily Nohner has always been a unique person in her uncle Al's eyes. Her commitment to social justice makes her stand out, he believes.

It led her to set a personal challenge to swim the circumference of Big Birch Lake — all nine miles of it — and then some.

Last year, as she was applying for the Truman Scholarship, Emily Nohner learned that Maddison Duncan, the nephew of her professor and mentor Chris Duncan, lives with severe cerebral palsy.

She decided to make the swim around the lake where her family has a summer home to draw attention and raise funds for cerebral palsy. After months of preparation, she completed the challenge Saturday.

Read on at the St. Cloud Times

6 Aug 07 @ 11:23 AM  | 0 comments  |  Meets, Open Water, and Other Events category

Emily's 9 Miler - COMPLETED! - Update 8/4/2007

Latest update at http://www.swim4cp.nohner.com/

Photos can be found by clicking here.

The swim started in the dark as Emily and Dean quietly slipped into the water at 5:19am. When all was said and one, the GPS said they actually swam 10.1 total miles. They wanted to make sure there was no question they did 9 full miles, but their course was also altered by buffeting wind and waves that developed about half-way through the swim. Throughout the swim they also had to be cautious to avoid a large number of additional boats circling the lake as part of a local Fishing Tournament. All ended successfully at the Nohner cabin on the southwest shore of Big Birch... where family, friends and neighbors gathered to cheer them in at 11:18am, just 6 hours later.

One important visitor was also there to cheer Emily in, Dr. Chris Duncan. Emily's former academic advisor from the University of Dayton and his family drove in from Ohio to be part of the event. He and his family were impressed by the Nohner family's welcome of everyone raising funds and awareness in honor of his nephew Maddison, who lives with his family in Las Vegas. The Duncan's were surprised that everyone worked so hard supporting someone they have never even met. Dr. Duncan spoke on behalf of Maddison and his family at the Finish Line Celebration, saying "this was one of the most moving things I've experienced in my life." "One of the great things I learn by being a professor is I learn more and more from my students all the time." He said that actions like Emily and women of her generation have a lot to teach us about being a better a person. "They give me hope, at times when I don't always have hope."

Emily's parents, Dr. Kevin Nohner and his wife Mary, tracked the swimmers by boat from their early morning departure until the Finish Line. Their responsibility was to alert boaters of Emily and Dean's location. With banners and swimmer signs, they nervously followed the progress through periods of rain and chilly conditions. Their sons Joe and Nick assisted in a second boat through the more treacherous routes to pass between upper and lower Birch and provided added protection as the winds and waves increased.

DynoSwim coach and founder Dean Osterloh swam with Emily the entire way. He and his organization have trained hundreds of Master Swimmers. He was skeptical when Emily inquired a year ago about doing a 9-mile swim to raise awareness about Cerebral Palsy and Maddison Duncan. It's the equivalent of a doing 3 swimming marathons on the same day. "Going from zero to 9-miles in a year is quite an accomplishment and I don't think just anyone could have done that. It's really a testament to Emily's determination and I'm glad we had an opportunity to help her get there." After all the training she's done and completing the 10-mile Big Birch Lake event, Dean said "she's had more open water experience than some Masters Swimmers with 20 years of experience!"

Additional information about the adventure is being posted on Emily's swim website at www.swim4cp.nohner.com, which also includes information about contributions. Donations can be made to the Maddison Duncan Fund, c/o Emily Nohner, 1754 North 127th Street, Omaha, NE 68154.

6 Aug 07 @ 11:19 AM  | 4 comments  |  Meets, Open Water, and Other Events category

Quote for the Week of August 6, 2007

"The way to succeed is never quit. That's it. But really be humble about it."

~Alex Haley

6 Aug 07 @ 3:01 AM  | 0 comments  |  Quote for the Week category

Emily's 9-Mile Swim

Emily's Swim for Cerebral Palsy and the Maddison Duncan Fund

Get to the heart of the matter, look for real time developments, and learn about Cerebral Palsy and what you can do to support those in need.

"It's about doing something special for someone I've never met, to stretch who I am by doing something never imaginable, by working with people who are willing to make the impossible into 'I'm possible' and demonstrate a random act of kindness. It's for real!" ~Emily Nohner

Learn about the 9 Mile Swim for Maddison Duncan

Sauk Herald Announcement

1 Aug 07 @ 7:38 PM  | 0 comments  |  Meets, Open Water, and Other Events category

Did you know...?

Lance Larson, who swam in in lane four, appeared (according to photographs) to touch first at the finish of the 1960 (Rome Olympics) 100-meter freestyle swimming event. Yet John Devitt, in lane three, was awarded the gold medal.

If anyone has any photos, please submit them.

1 Aug 07 @ 4:32 AM  | 0 comments  |  Fun Facts category

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