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Name That Pool

posted June 6, 2007 @ 9:13 PM  |  Fun Facts category


Whoever is first to name the pool and its location wins a Dynoswim swim cap!


My guess would be a pool located in Philadelphia, PA because of the Rocky Balboa poster on the wall.

Posted by josh on June 7, 2007 @ 7:48 AM

Doesn't fit the criteria for winning a swim cap.

Posted by Dean O. on June 7, 2007 @ 9:19 AM

I swam at a pool in NY that looked very similar to that. Is it in Rochester?

Posted by scott on June 8, 2007 @ 7:38 AM


Posted by Dean O. on June 8, 2007 @ 9:18 AM

La Salle?

Posted by Betty Busby on June 11, 2007 @ 6:26 PM

Hi Betty, No, it's not La Salle, by the way which La Salle did you think it was?

Posted by Dean O. on June 11, 2007 @ 6:35 PM

university in philly

Posted by Betty on June 11, 2007 @ 7:02 PM

No, that's not it. I went to La Salle Military Academy in NY though, I thought you were referring to their pool. I said to myself, "Do I know Betty from somewhere?"

Anyway, we may have to raise the stakes. No one seems to be getting this one.

Posted by Dean O. on June 11, 2007 @ 7:09 PM


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