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Start of Something Big

posted March 14, 2007 @ 10:18 PM  |  Triathlon category

USA triathlon is now 25 years old.

~by Scott Bay, Dynoswim Aquatics

The start of the new season marks the 25th anniversary of USA triathlon. From a few hundred members to hundreds of thousand the popularity of the sport has grown exponentially. Let’s look at why…


For runners (also swimmers and cyclists), there is the daily routine. It is a ritual, a habit. Most runners I know are just ‘not themselves’ if they miss their morning run. You may be one of those people. There were times in my pure running life when I found my legs so sore it was difficult to make it to my toothbrush in the morning without some aches and pains associated with the trip. I ran anyway. Triathlon allows an athlete to change the routine so to speak to take advantage of a little low or no impact training and still have a challenging workout. True cross training has been around for a while but most pure runners like to do just that….run.

A place to hang your hat

Many of the triathletes that I meet now are reformed something or anothers. Runners, swimmers, cyclists…whatever. It is not that they did not find those other activities satisfying, they just went off in search of another community to add to their experiences... In stark contrast to the notion that most triathletes are average at three sports and good at none, you will see a lot of triathletes at the top of the AG standings in individual events such as 5ks and cycling races as well as being top performers in triathlon.

Old dogs and new tricks

Triathlon is, like all other endurance sports, a lifestyle. It offers even the fittest athlete a chance to learn humility because there are so many different skills involved. It is not just about who has the highest Vo2 Max and max heart rate but also who took the time to learn the techniques and practice them. You get to showcase your strength but also demonstrate what you have learned that is new to you! It is an opportunity for growth at every turn.

Most athletes look at triathlon as a sport that will take away from whatever they have accomplished in their primary sport but for those in the know, who have tried it, it can also give an athlete so much more.


Yes, it’s a lifestyle indeed and a fun one at that. The sole purpose I started running and biking was to strengthen my legs because my kick was pitiful. My kick has improved 150% and I’m convinced it was/is a combined effort of focusing on my kick sets, running and biking. And during this process, I have found all this cross-training not only fun but very rewarding as well. And thanks to all the triathletes on Dynoswim supporting and encouraging me, I am training for my first triathlon which will be in May.

Posted by Judi on March 16, 2007 @ 11:55 AM


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