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Showdown at Frieda Zamba

posted December 3, 2006 @ 7:08 PM  |  Dynoswim Palm Coast category


I wanted to share an e-mail message received a while back. It's just too great a story, fun, but also important to note that you never have to lose your competitive spirit...

Dear Dean,

I am sorry for the delay in forwarding these photos to you. This happened at practice a couple of weeks ago.

There were about five of us swimmers at Frieda Zamba before practice. Judi, Sean, Mary Ann, Dakin, Karen, and I maybe some others as well.

We were getting ready for practice putting all of our stuff at the pool end. Sean took one of the "Lap Swmmers" signs and moved it out of our way when along came an older man - very much older - and confronted Sean about moving the pool equipment. Normally I would not have interjected but since I was coaching practice that day, I felt it my duty. So I explained to the gentleman that we would return it to its proper place after practice. The man was unusually adamant about his rights to govern what happened at the pool. I inquired about his position as a possible staff member. He informed me that he had been a lifeguard for over 75 years. I asked if he was employed at Frieda Zamba to which I received a vague answer. At this point I was having a little bit of fun with him. He was demanding; I was politely giving it back to him. As the conversation died down and he realized he wasn't going to win this argument he announced that he had swum in more pools than we would ever see.

Dean, the next moment was one of those priceless moments that I will never forget. Mary Ann stepped up and said, "Oh no, you have not swam in more pools than me!" And the two got face to face in a stare down. The old man who we had come to know as "Sarge" says to Mary Ann. "Do you wanna race?" I am chuckling right now as I type this. The imagery was so funny. The two of them together aged well over 150 years old and they were more competitive than most of the kids on the High School swim team. They weren't kidding about this showdown. The terms were agreed upon: 25 yards freestyle and soon after the race was on! The next few minutes were beautiful as Mary Ann and Sarge both fumbled around. Mary Ann forgetting where her cap was (it was in her hand). Sarge wasn't able to find his goggles. Then the three minute process that took them to get into the pool. Thankfully, they had decided against the deck start. We were off to the races. My heart was pounding, literally pounding. Dynoswim's own was challenging the Monster of Frieda Zamba. Could she do it? Was he also a swimmer from the 1940 Olympic Team? As you could imagine the cheers rang from fellow Dynoswimmers as Mary Ann blew Sarge away in one of the best swim victories of the year, beating him by at least five yards. After the race we heard no more from Sarge. Go Mary Ann! Go Dynoswim!

~Dave P.

(Dave Petkovsek is a Masters swimmer, triathlete and coach.)


Great story!

Posted by josh on December 3, 2006 @ 8:05 PM

It was definitely a "Dynoswim Moment"!

Posted by Judi on December 3, 2006 @ 9:33 PM


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