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Keith 'Tree' Kirol's Featured Workout

posted December 6, 2006 @ 6:39 PM  |  Featured Workouts category

Take a look at Tree Kirol's December 6, 2006 practice written for the Carrol County YMCA's Masters program located in Westminster, Maryland. Tree's program boasts a dedicated group of 15 or so swimmers and triathletes that show up mornings at 5:30 with two workouts to choose from (4000+ and 2500+ yds).

Featured Workout Tree 01

Tree says, "As far as a training plan goes, I try to cater to both the tri-swimmers and the lap swimmers. We have a handful that compete in the Great Chesapeake Bay Bridge Swim (4.4 miles) each June. Right now our team is in the midst of the 'No Regrets Holiday Workout Challenge'." (Download file)

"The most fun I get out of coaching and swimming with my team is the camaraderie. We all get inspiration from each other. Coupled with a bit of peer pressure and we all have a good time! I’m glad I found Dynoswim. I’d sure like to join you guys for one of your open water workouts."

Thanks Tree, we expect you there just as soon as the water temperature approaches 70 degrees again! Northern Florida does get a little chilly this time of year.

Tree has been a swimmer since age six and swam competitively right through his four varsity years at the US Naval Academy, class of 89. He then went on to spend 12 years in the US Marine Corps. Tree swims now to stay in shape ("mostly to keep my sanity") and to have fun.

Thanks Again!


5:30am--too early for me--but Amy would LOVE it!

Staying in shape, the camadarie, having fun and keeping ones sanity is what swimming is all about. Winning once in awhile is nice too! :-)

Keith--we'll be looking for you once the weather warms up. The ocean swims are great. I sure do miss them.

Posted by Judi on December 6, 2006 @ 9:28 PM


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