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Grass Roots Efforts Often Save the Day

posted December 27, 2006 @ 8:22 PM  |  College and University Swimming category

Here are examples:

Tulane Club Swimming

American Swimming Association

Tulane Green Wave Swimming

Until the 1990's Tulane University always had a stellar swimming program. After Title IX was enacted in the early 70s, and later enforced (referenced in the 1996 federal court ruling that Louisiana State University - LSU - violated the civil rights of female athletes with "arrogant ignorance" of their needs) many colleges and universities began to cut both their men's and women's swim programs. They did so in order to re-allocate resources to sports that were more "profitable" and "equitable". We all understand though that "profitable" has been defined in many economic and non-economic ways. Nevertheless, grass roots efforts have brought back to life many programs once relegated as "too costly" to pursue. I find it ironic how a measure enacted for gender equality has actually limited the opportunities for both sexes to participate in competitive inter-collegiate sports.

Check out the Tulane Women earning their Conference USA title last year (2005) only two years after the program was brought back to life! Way to go Green Wave!


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