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Take a Moment to Reflect on Your Achievments Thus far

posted July 6, 2006 @ 3:23 PM  |  Open Water Swimming category

~Provided by Pedro Ordenes, Water World Swim

"Today I looked in the Random House College Dictionary for the definition of athlete. The athlete is described as having physical agility, stamina, strength and skill. If you are competing in an upcoming event you have trained hard to become agile and strong and like the artisan you have developed the knowledge and skill of your craft as an athlete. This didn’t just happen to you, you trained hard through physical exertion, personal sacrifice and discipline. Remember when you were a child and you were told it was impossible to swim 'in the frigid shark infested water' near Alcatraz because of the 'rip-tides?' Hundreds of swimmers have now made this crossing and have earned their finisher medals, but millions of people will never have this experience because they never believed it was possible for them to achieve. Not everyone can ride a bike full speed for 28 miles or run for 6 miles; or swim from Alcatraz. You are an athlete who believed in your potential to achieve your personal best. Take a moment to reflect on your achievement this far. This could be the best time of your life—recognize it. The competitions have arrived, its summertime and it’s your time to shine."


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