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Featured Workouts from Our Friends in Montana

posted April 25, 2006 @ 8:54 PM  |  Featured Workouts category

Take a look at some more workouts posted by two of our Cyber-Dynoswimmers, Geoff L'Heureux and Ashlynn Gordon!

Hey, did you know that Ashlynn was a top age-group swimmer and is now the Head Masters Coach for the Missoula YMCA. She also coaches the Masters team at the University of Montana. She holds several certifications for coaching and has experience with all levels of swimmers. In fact, Ashlynn's swimmers range from total beginners, to former national swimmers, and even Olympic gold medalist, Dave Berkoff who drops in for a practice or two!

Ashlynn really knows her stuff, so if you want to see what the experts are offering, scroll down to Ashlynn's workout - and don't forget to try Geoff's too! Geoff is a Masters swimmer for Missoula Masters Swimming and is the aquatics coordinator for the Missoula Athletic Club.

Ashlynn's Hard Tri Workout

Geoff's Tri Training

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