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Video Review

posted March 13, 2006 @ 9:06 PM  |  Practice category

I would like to schedule the video review and need your feedback to be sure that most everyone can attend. I would rate this as one of the most important sessions in order to help you learn from your own stroke mechanics and those of your peer swimmers. I believe that if possible, each and every swimmer should attend whether or not you were taped. There is much to learn from other swimmers.

So please let me know if the following dates and times work for you:

Saturday, March 18 at 7-9pm.

Saturday, March 25 at 7-9pm

We will most likely have this session in the classroom at the Frieda Zamba Aquatic complex and then post meeting, have an informal get together at the Halifax Plantation Golf Club.

Please advise, both yays and nays, regarding those dates.


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