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Age Grading - Performance vs. Age

posted March 31, 2006 @ 2:52 PM  |  Fun Facts category

By David Nordstrom

Two recent articles, Swimming World’s “Holding Back the Years” by Phillip Whitten, March 2005; and USMS SWIMMER’s “Records Topple at USMS Short Course Nationals in Fort Lauderdale”, July – August 2005, prompted me to attempt to further quantify performances vs. age. The running community has an age-grading scheme that allows runners in any age group to “adjust” their times to another age group. So if you are a 70 year old, you can use a formula to find out what your current time would be as a 25 year old with the age adjustment. In some road races, awards are given to best equivalent times ( a 70 year old with a 25 min 5K beats the 25 year old with a 22 min 5K). As far as I know, we swimmers don’t have an age grading system. This is an attempt to develop one.

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