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Photos from the Dixie Zone Championships

posted February 19, 2006 @ 7:38 PM  |  Photos category

Please take a look at some of the pictures from the SUN Masters Valentine Meet / Dixie Zone Championships.

Additionally, please give a big thanks to Melanie Watkins for all of her help during the meet. We also thank Amber and Carrie Troha, as well as Sami, Brett and Bobby Bay for cheering us on. Another big thank-you goes to Karen Cruz for holding down the fort and running practices while we were away in Clearwater.

Enjoy the Photos!

Please right mouse click and "zoom out" on the photograph for best viewing.

Amy was the first Dynoswimmer in the water for her heat in the 1000 Freestyle.

View image 1

"Take your mark."

View image 2

Dakin bringing home the bacon.

View image 3

Dave P., (quiet time)

View image 4

Counting the distance events

View image 5

Amy's relieved it's over, the rest wait in fear.

View image 6

First lap of a long swim...

View image 7

Amy's Breaststroke

View image 8

Dean's Breaststroke

View image 9

Snap this!

View image 10

Dean's Fly

View image 11

Dean High Elbow

View image 12

What's wrong with Sean?

View image 13

Take your mark!

View image 14

Locomotive in your path

View image 15

Sean's Freestyle

View image 16

Sean's Breaststroke

View image 17

Sheryl's 200 Backstroke

View image 18

Happy to be here...

View image 19


View image 20

Backstroke Start

View image 21

There she goes...

View image 22

Sheryl's Butterfly

View image 23


View image 24

*MUST SEE* Dave's Incredible 50 Free

View image 25


Great pictures!

Posted by amy on February 20, 2006 @ 6:13 AM


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