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Quote for the Week of December 19, 2005

posted December 18, 2005 @ 10:54 PM  |  Quote for the Week category

"Sure, you can say swimming is a selfish sport. You're the one who goes into the pool and makes your own times and wins medals, minus the relays. But without a team, without those special people in your life to push you harder then you've ever swam, in practice and in races, without them to help you through the hard times, without them to give you a reason to keep showing up to practice, then you wouldn't be out there anyways. I don't think there is a single swimmer out there that wants to swim only by themselves, that they want to do all their sets, their hundreds of laps a day alone. Without a team to help me through all my hard times, not only would I not be swimming, I probably wouldn't be in school. Never, ever, underestimate the power of a team." ~Unidentified UCSC Swimmer

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