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City Council Meeting and Construction of a New Pool CANCELLED!

We are calling all swimmers, synchronized swimmers, triathletes, parents and friends to attend the next Palm Coast City Council Meeting on Tuesday October 4th at 6:30 pm. The Community Center is located at 305 Palm Coast Pkwy NE (off of Clubhouse Rd in the island between Palm Coast Pkwy going east and west). We will meet outside between 6:15-6:20 pm.

Those teams needing a new facility are Speed Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, High School and Masters Swimming, Triathlon, High School Triathlon, and Cross Country. We do not have a pool that meets any of the required dimensions to support swim and synchro meets and we do not have a solution to accommodate all of the swimmer's needs during the end of fall, winter, and early spring. There are other sports we cannot do now that we could accommodate as well (like diving and water polo). Plus we don't have "learn to swim" and most of the "rehabilitation programs" during the nine month period of colder weather and lack of facilities/space.

In fact swimmers and synchro swimmers have to fight to get the pool time and respect during the spring and summer months. We understand that the City has plans to build a new pool in the next 5 years. This is not soon enough and we need to show the city staff and volunteers that Palm Coast is no longer a retirement community and that we, as a city, are growing by the hour. More and more young families have moved to this town because they are looking for a safe and pleasant environment to live in. We want to push for a pool that meets our immediate needs, but also want to emphasize the need for an aquatic complex for future competitive needs and expansion of additional aquatic sports.

Historically, Isabella and others have worked hard to get the council's attention (that is why there are plans for a new pool in the current 5 year plan), but we can't wait 5 years! We are busting at the seams now and need a solution for next year. We need everyone to come and show their support. The council must see for themselves the number of people and organizations that need this new facility.

29 Sep 05 @ 1:07 PM  | 0 comments  |  Dynoswim Palm Coast category

Common freestyle flaws and how to fix them

"Your weakness is your strength! Cliche? Yes, but like many cliches, this maxim contains an element of truth, since every imperfection presents an opportunity for improvement. And when it comes to swimming, ironing out wrinkles in your stroke can yield huge dividends in terms of improved efficiency and lowered splits.

What's more, regardless of your level of proficiency in the water, there is always room for improvement, so even the most talented swimmers can improve by continually tweaking and refining their strokes."

read more

26 Sep 05 @ 8:37 PM  | 0 comments  |  Technique, Tips, and Drills category

Quote for the Week of September 26, 2005

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." ~Plato

25 Sep 05 @ 4:41 PM  | 0 comments  |  Quote for the Week category

Dave Petkovsek Makes Dynoswim Proud

Dave competed in the 2005 Ford Ironman Wisconsin which took place on September 11, 2005. Dave kicked tail and made us all very proud. For those of you with satellite you can see the race on TV on Fox Sports Net (FSN). Check out the following link to see FSN's air dates and times:

2005 Ford Ironman Wisconsin Television Coverage

Here's a link to the website:

Ironman Wisconsin

...and check out the results:


23 Sep 05 @ 9:38 PM  | 1 comments  |  Dynoswim Palm Coast category

Johnny Weissmuller

Read about the man, the myth, the legend. I always thought he trained for a time in Austria and did low 50s for the 100 Free (yards?). They describe a high 50s 100 Free (meters). If anyone can confirm or deny, then please let us know...

"He swam with his back arched and his head, shoulders and chest thrust out of the water. He shook his head loosely from side to side, inhaling and exhaling on both sides. He cocked his elbows high, drove his arms down into the water hard and behind him hard. While he kicked six beats to every cycle of his arms, he considered kicking of consequence only to maintain balance, stay high in the water and reduce drag."

Johnny Weissmuller Bio

20 Sep 05 @ 10:49 PM  | 0 comments  |  Swimmer Profiles category

Quote for the Week of September 19, 2005

"Most of us, swimming against the tides of trouble the world knows nothing about, need only a bit of praise or encouragement - and we will make the goal." ~Robert Collier

18 Sep 05 @ 7:10 PM  | 0 comments  |  Quote for the Week category

Swimming in the Fountain of Youth

Swimming will make you younger, and keep you that way. I've been telling people that for years, but those wrinkly dinosaurs just don't believe me. Well, here's proof:

The Fountain of Youth

18 Sep 05 @ 6:55 PM  | 0 comments  |  Health and Nutrition category

Early Breakout on Freestyle

More tips on Free... Early Breakout

16 Sep 05 @ 11:58 AM  | 0 comments  |  Technique, Tips, and Drills category

Google Maps Pedometer

For those of you who also enjoy running/walking/biking you might find this website handy. It allows you to calculate distances traveled by using a neat tool built on top of Google Maps.

Google Maps Pedometer

14 Sep 05 @ 8:10 AM  | 0 comments  |  Interesting Products category

Learning to Rotate

Great article on how to properly rotate when swimming freestyle, they even have videos demonstrating the technique.

"If you really want to be lazy, and develop the easiest, most efficient stroke possible...ROTATE."

Read more.

13 Sep 05 @ 1:11 PM  | 1 comments  |  Technique, Tips, and Drills category

Quote for the Week of September 12, 2005

"Always remember, whatever the goal--keep your eye on it." ~Anonymous

11 Sep 05 @ 10:01 PM  | 0 comments  |  Quote for the Week category

Remember Swimmers and Triathletes Among Those Lost on September 11, 2001

Athletes Lost

11 Sep 05 @ 9:55 PM  | 0 comments  |  Swimmer Profiles category

Follow-up to Tulane and Huricane Katrina

For those of you interested, feel free to view some photos of the Uptown New Orleans area, and parts of the Tulane neighborhood.

Uptown New Orleans

11 Sep 05 @ 9:50 PM  | 0 comments  |  College and University Swimming category

Hurricane Support from the Swimming Community

The outpouring of ideas, prayers and support from the swimming community for the victims of Hurricane Katrina has been overwhelming. USA Swimming President Ron Van Pool assembled a task force to address issues related to the swimming community.

View News Article

8 Sep 05 @ 8:54 PM  | 0 comments  |  College and University Swimming category

Tulane Swimmers Head to Texas A&M

Hail alma mater fair...

Read more... Athletes Representing Tulane

7 Sep 05 @ 10:24 PM  | 1 comments  |  College and University Swimming category

Movies about Swimming

I saw a pretty good movie about the great Australian swimmer, Tony Fingleton.

I recommend it: Swimming Upstream

7 Sep 05 @ 10:03 PM  | 1 comments  |  Book and Movie Reviews category

Quote for the Week of September 5, 2005

"I just refused to give up, to give up the dream. I was in excruciating pain, my arm was numb and they said it would be six months, if ever, for me to be back in the water. I thought my career was over, I was shattered but I never lost hope. I've always believed if you want to do something badly enough you will do it. Some told me that if you visualized healing an injury it would heal faster and that's what I did."

~2004 Australian Olympic diving team qualifier Lynda Dackiw, 4 months before the Athens Olympics.

6 Sep 05 @ 8:59 PM  | 0 comments  |  Quote for the Week category

Masters Swimming Canada

Check out the news on Masters Swimming Canada'a website, specifically for September 5.

Masters Swimming Canada

6 Sep 05 @ 12:50 AM  | 0 comments  |  Swim Sites category

Labor Day Ocean Swim, Monday, September 5, 2005 CANCELLED!

11:00am, at Highbridge and A1A. Please confirm your attendance.

We've cancelled today. Ocean is way too rough.

5 Sep 05 @ 10:05 AM  | 3 comments  |  Practice category

IMPORTANT: Dynoswimmers

I have been speaking with the managers at the Halifax Plantation Country Club swimming pool. There exists the possibility that we may use their pool for our practices as a complement to our existing agreement with Frieda. The goal is to split our training sessions between two different facilities. I need to discuss the pros and cons of this potential arrangement with you, each team member. You also need to give me your opinion on what you consider reasonable costs to be, to use such a facility.

4 Sep 05 @ 7:46 PM  | 2 comments  |  Practice category

New Team Members

I have received some inquiries from some potential recruits. Read About Our New Members

3 Sep 05 @ 9:33 PM  | 0 comments  |  Swimmer Profiles category

Improve Your Kick

Read how you can improve your kick...

Improve Your Kick

1 Sep 05 @ 10:44 PM  | 1 comments  |  Technique, Tips, and Drills category

Hammerhead Olympic Triathlon (H.O.T.)

Check out the results of the Hammerhead Olympic Triathlon (H.O.T.) which was held last Sunday, August 28, 2005. This race consisted of a 1.5K Swim, 40K Bike, 10K Run. Congratulations Amy!

Hammerhead Olympic Triathlon Results

1 Sep 05 @ 3:22 PM  | 1 comments  |  Dynoswim Palm Coast category

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